Volume XVII, Issue 29 # July 16 - July 22, 2009

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Many are the rewards of raising bivalves As pets go, oysters are not as cuddly as puppies or kittens.

As pets go, oysters are not as cuddly as puppies or kittens. But oysters bring their human companions other rewards. By bringing home a colony of oysters, you’re helping create protected sanctuaries of living oyster reefs, thereby restoring not only this iconic species but also the Chesapeake ecosystem, including the many species that depend on oyster reefs.

Skin and Bare It

Crownsville nudists break misconceptions and world records

The gate to Pine Tree pulls back, revealing a group of men chatting in the sunlight. Dog walkers pass by on their way to the park, waving to golf-cart riders. In the campgrounds, people barbecue and listen to music. In the main office, bored workers stand at a copier.
Everyone just happens to be naked.

Red, White, Blue and Green

Not all ticker-tape parades are a waste of paper

The Patriotic Parade and Float Contest, now in its seventh year, is a highlight of Harbour School’s 11-month academic year. The first-through-12th-grade special- and individual-needs school thrives under the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum, encouraging students to demonstrate learning through performance application.

Dock of the Bay

National Gallery’s Stainless Steel Tree Grows at Annmarie Garden: Good thing it’s not deciduous • Annapolis: A Playful City USA: Making play a priority for the health and well-being of kids • This week’s Creature Feature: First Diamond Jim imposter caught.

Spotlight on Art

Marion Warren's Color

We know Warren as the grand master of black-and-white photography. Like all the great photographers of his era, Warren — who died in his adopted city of Annapolis in 2006, at the age of 86 — showed the world so clearly that color seemed frippery.

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