Volume XVII, Issue 29 # July 16 - July 22, 2009


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Two Local Heroes: Bill Burton and Owensville Primary Care

Dear Bay Weekly:

As a reader of your publication from your first edition, I have always looked for Bill Burton’s column as one of my first reads. I relate to so many of the subjects about which he writes, being of the same vintage. For me, there is going to be a bare spot in your publication from now on.

I recall, also, the time you brought Bill to the Capt. Salem Avery Museum to speak at one of our Winter Luncheon Series. He was terrific.

Please thank Bill for the pleasure he has brought me through the years.

I also loved the July 9 article on Owensville Primary Care.

I am a patient of Dr. Brooks, and no doctor has ever been more caring than she. Sorry the article did not cover much on her. There was a picture, but nothing more.

Her patients all think the world of her. I wrote a nomination of the two doctors and the facility for a Gene Hall award [through the South County Chamber of Commerce]. They did not make it, but I will try again.

I do miss Bill Burton’s column.

–Mavis Daly, Shady Side

More Praise for Owensville Primary Care

Dear Bay Weekly:

I feel in contact as I read Bay Weekly online just about every week. You all continue to outdo yourselves on keeping us informed about the area and its goings on.

I am so glad to see the July 9 story on Owensville Primary Care. Sylvia Jennings and Dr. Bierbaum truly deserve the credit given. They are fantastic. I consider Dr. Bierbaum the best family doctor I’ve ever had. Sure wish he could be cloned.

As mentioned in the article, both Jennings and Bierbaum are truly interested in not only healing/curing folks, but in keeping them healthy. I discovered this when they agreed to try a Tai Chi for Health program on clinic grounds. Leaving it behind when we moved from Galesville was one of the more difficult things about that move for me. 

–Maureen Miller, St. Marys, Georgia

Helping a Small Businesswoman Ask Hard Questions

Dear Bay Weekly:

That was a nice piece on Annie Blackwell and Shear Perfection [“Can small businesses ride the stimulus gravy train”: [Volume xvii, No. 26].

I sensed that she wanted to say more; your story gave her the additional time and words she needed. Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown may not have had the answers Annie wanted to hear, but I truly appreciate his honesty. I was quite impressed with him during the time I had with him (about and hour and a half) on June 19.

Keep up the good work with Bay Weekly.

–Bruce Wahl, Chesapeake Beach

Editor’s note: Bruce Wahl is mayor of Chesapeake Beach.