Volume 11 Issue 52
December 25-31, 2003

On Our Cover
10th Anniversary Special
On April 24, 2003, Bay Weekly celebrated its 10th anniversary. As Dr. Suess says, Oh! the things we’ve seen! Ten years into a job bigger than we ever imagined, we’re sure of one thing: Bringing you Bay Weekly, weekly, is the best job we could imagine. Somebody has to do it — and we’re glad it’s us. One more time, here’s how Bay Weekly, né New Bay Times was born, on April 22, 1993.

The Times of Our Lives
The big news in 2003 was the weather: Baby was it cold outside! Or hot! Or wet! Whatever you wanted or didn’t — from big snows to big blows — we had it. The political weather was just as chancy as a new Republican governor took a gamble on slots and a new Democratic speaker of the House called his bluff. You’ll recall snow, blows, bluffs and lots more as you revisit the times of 2003.

Pols and protests for displaced conductor Leslie Dunner; singers, swimmers and sailors; mimes and native Americans, a dentist at DNR and a writer turned boxer; mothers, heroes and first ladies: Here are the people of Chesapeake Country.

Farewell to friends and neighbors who have moved from Chesapeake Country to no known addresses.

Where did Isabel hit hardest? How sick is our Bay? Where will Big Ships be docking? In what garden do statues grows? Where do you find poinsettias in June? You’ll recall those places and more as you retrace our travels through Chesapeake Country in 2003.

Is a new oyster coming to town? Who could love a horseshoe crab? What seahorses school in Calvert County? How are fishes like us? Where have all the bluebirds gone? Why do bears and mute swans need to beware? For those animal answers and more antics, take a quick return trip to the animals we visited in 2003.

The Volvo Ocean Race will return to Chesapeake Country, the skipjack Rebecca Ruark made history, the skipjack Stanley Norman survived to make more history and the Boat Shows flourished despite Isabel’s rampage through City Dock.

Music Review
Kentavius Takes the Stage First Night
By Matthew Pugh

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