Volume XVII, Issue 31 # July 30 - August 5, 2009

This Week’s Features …

The Feast of the Season

There’s no better eating and no better cause than Rod ’n’ Reel’s Annual Celebration of Life Gala

Three months into a new job, Rod ’n’ Reel’s executive chef Antonello Marangi faces the biggest event of his career: dinner for 1,400 revelers at the Chesapeake Beach restaurant’s 28th annual Celebration of Life Gala.

The confident kitchen maestro isn’t sweating it. “I have a great team in place,” he says, “and they have already done this 27 times. My challenge is to make it the best gala yet.”

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Hot Stuff at the Ice Cream Parlor

I scream, you scream, we all scream … Fire ? ! ?

What customers saw when they strolled into Annapolis Ice Cream Company on West Street were bright walls festooned with hand-decorated spoons, the relics of sundaes past. What city Fire Marshal David Shelton saw was a firetrap.

The spoons had to go.

Calvert’s Strict Lemon Laws

When life gives you lemons … call the Health Department

Before kids return to school, the town of North Beach invites all comers to Bayfest to celebrate the fleeting season in small-town, Bay-front America.

It was in that spirit that Sophia and Savannah Bojokles set up their lemonade stand. Then the Calvert County Health Department shut them down.

Dock of the Bay

Choptank River Bridge Pier State Park Named for Bill Burton: Maryland’s longest pier and second smallest state park … $50k to Get You Up Offa That Thing: Maryland Area Heritage Program supports trails, exhibits, tourism … Hunt Mor Der: Last but not least, our Creature Feature comes to us from Western Maryland.

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