Volume XVII, Issue 31 # July 30 - August 5, 2009


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Oyster Gardens on Every Creek

Dear Bay Weekly:

The July 16 article on raising bivalves “Cuddle up to a Bivalve” was interesting and should encourage others to participate in the program, for the sake of the Bay. I would like to add that there are at least three households on Parkers Creek in Deale, including ours, that provide “homes” for oyster spat.

–Betty-Carol Sellen and Marti Burt, Deale

Take Me to the Source

Dear Bay Weekly:

I love to eat fish fresh from our Bay and was appalled to learn in your July 23 Letter from the Editor that PCBs are still lurking around, finding their way into our prized fish and posing threats to our health. Is there a website or other source you can share for people who want to find out more?

–Farley Peters, Fairhaven Cliffs

Editor’s note: The fish advisories are issued by Maryland Department of the Environment and posted on their web page: http://www.mde.state.md.us. Look in the right hand corner under advisories to be directed to a table organized by fish and region caught. The recommendations are due updating, so you’ll need to look to a second source for the recent coastal waters advisory: http://www.mde.state.md.us/PressReleases/1203.html.

Libby, Your Bike Is Waiting for You

Dear Bay Weekly:

In trying to be a good Samaritan, I’ve run into some difficulties. I hope you can help.

Several months ago, two cyclists knocked on my door (I live on one of their major routes). One of their bikes was disabled and they wanted to leave it in my yard for a few hours until they could collect it. I agreed, first pointing out that I could not be responsible.

Several hours later they had not returned and it started to rain, so I put the bike in my garage. I never heard from them again. I feel partly at fault as they may have knocked on my door and I didn’t hear them. I can’t trace them as I failed to get names and addresses. All I know is that one of the cyclists was named Libby and it’s a woman’s bike, aqua in color. I’m hoping they will see this letter and contact me.

–Bill Culhane, North Beach, [email protected].