Volume XVII, Issue 30 # July 23 - July 29, 2009

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Summertime, and the Eating Is Easy

Taste-tested recipes from ingredients you can pluck from your garden or buy from your neighbors.You don’t need a state-supported campaign to tell you that with high summer, the eating is good.

Earth is bursting with ways to please us. The corn in the fields tells you that it’s time to eat. Nodding sunflowers at roadside farm stands repeat that this is the season. At farm markets, tangy tomatoes and sweet peaches add the exclamation point of taste to Maryland summer.

Yet those are just the basics of our bounty. Vegetables ready for our tables span the alphabet. Asparagus and arugula have had their season, but apples are just ahead. Zucchini is so abundant it threatens to take over the state.

Dock of the Bay

Charity Cuts: Styling solutions for people in need … Hospice Goes High End: Fine clothes, gold and silver help Calvert Hospice help others … and this week’s Creature Feature: Goats Gobble up invaders at Hancock’s Resolution.

Earth Journal

July’s Golden Age of Summer: Acadian fly-catchers and wood nymphs flit among us.

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The Sporting Life
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