Volume XVII, Issue 18 # April 30 - May 6, 2009

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From Washington to Annapolis to your own backyard, kitchen gardens are sprouting everywhere

Growing your own is back in vogue.

First Lady Michelle Obama made digging in the dirt fashionable when, in March, she broke ground for a White House kitchen garden. The last time an American first family grew their own was back in 1943, when Eleanor Roosevelt planted a World War II victory garden.

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April is National Poetry Month. As if the other 11 months, poets were not writing and sharing poems. Look, and not too hard, and you’ll find them writing poems, re-working them in ad hoc workshops, publishing in small journals and on the Internet, reading poems to each other and to ever-greater audiences in delis, taverns, libraries, schools and gardens.

Your neighbor, even you, may be among them.

The Volvo Ocean Race, Leg 6

Steaming nearly 5,000 miles from Rio de Janeiro to Boston

This was turning into an amazing race, as only 14 miles separated second from sixth place.

With 3,500 miles to go, the northeasterly trade winds were kicking in at nearly 20 knots, allowing Telefonica Blue to extend her lead day by day. She was getting the fresh wind ahead of the trailing boats, which had formed two trailing flanks from west to east.

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Guys You Can Trust

They don’t have tidy workbenches or neat tackle boxes

Where’s the fun if you know exactly where everything is? That’s like hunting at the zoo.

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A Philosophical Frippery

Candida, a comedy about social and sexual equality in Victorian England, sounds as if it should now be pointless. But in George Bernard Shaw’s enlightened hands it is surprisingly relevant to modern sentiments. For despite feminism and the intervening sexual revolution, its themes of male/female relationships in friendship, marriage and temptation are timeless.

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