Volume XVII, Issue 18 # April 30 - May 6, 2009


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Getting the Cover

Dear Bay Weekly:

Nice piece by Margaret Tearman! [Looking for Your Inner Artist: www.bayweekly.com/year09/issue_17/lead_1.html.] I can’t tell you how proud I am to have a photo of my artwork on the cover of the prestigious Bay Weekly. I’ll have to get her to sign the framed copy that will hang in my living room. Thanks so much.

–Ed Rupard, Chesapeake Beach

Nights Out on Music Notes

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am an avid reader of Bay Weekly’s hard copy and understand that you can no longer include the music notes in it. Can you tell me when you update the Music Notes calendar?

I have a boat down near Galesville and I come down almost every weekend. I appreciate that you guys offer the Music Notes as there are a few local acts I enjoy seeing, and the Notes certainly help me figure out where to spend my evenings!

–David A. Domin, Leesburg, Va.

Editor’s note: Music Notes should be online by noon Thursdays.

Appetizers of Oyster Cheesecake

Dear Bay Weekly:

I prepared the oyster cheesecake recipe that you provided in the Letters to the Editor section, and it was fabulous. I altered it a bit because I wanted to serve it as a hot hors d’oeuvre at a stand-up cocktail party. I chopped the oysters, used canned diced tomatoes, increased the dashes of seasonings to three and baked it in tiny paper cupcake cups. I also omitted the oyster sauce and caviar.

Unbeknownst to me, I was serving it to oyster-haters. Well, they loved it so much they asked for the recipe! Easiest converts I ever made. Next time I serve it this way, I’ll bake it in tiny pastry shells; the paper cups were rather awkward.

I had a few leftovers and find they do not reheat well. The oysters get tough, but they taste okay if allowed to come to room temperature.

This recipe is now one of my go-to dishes. As long as there’s an R in the month, that is!

Keep the recipes coming!

–Mary Miller, Edgewater

Editor’s note: In the paper of Jan. 8, we passed along to reader Justine Wetherington the award-winning recipe for oyster cheesecake, created by Baltimoran Dawn L. Brown for 1998’s National Oyster Cook-off at the St. Mary’s Oyster Festival. Miller taste-tested the recipe. Find it at www.bayweekly.com/year09/issue_2/letters.html.