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 Vol. 10, No. 42

October 17-23, 2002

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Hunters Come too Close

Dear Bay Weekly:
At a time when a sniper is shooting people indiscriminately, we are about to go to war and terrorism is a concern to all, I find it ignorant and insensitive to be awakened before 7am by hunters within 200 yards of my home. I suggest they all join the Marines. Better yet, let’s change the law to no firing of a gun within 2,500 yards of a dwelling.

— Sandi Ritchie Miller, Churchton

Editor’s note: As we go to press, Gov. Glendening announced a ban on the outdoor discharge of all firearms, including hunting, in Anne Arundel and four other counties.

Thanks to Rockhold Creek’s Lone Ranger

Dear Bay Weekly:
We want to thank a wonderful Good Samaritan who came to our rescue September 14.

“It was a dark and stormy night …” out on the Bay, just off the Western Shore. There were six of us returning to Deale from an afternoon trip to St. Michael’s and Kent Narrows, when all that could go wrong did.

The wind was blowing from the south, it had been raining for a while, one engine had died, the seas were rolling with about a four- to five-foot chop, the GPS batteries had died, we had hit bottom more than once and it had gotten very, very dark. We had talked with the Coast Guard by cell phone, but nothing along the shoreline looked familiar, and we could find no markers.

Just short of the panic point, a boat with a bright stern light appeared out of nowhere. A chap in a 16- or 18-foot Whaler came alongside and asked where we were headed, then asked us to wait for a moment while he went over to talk to the folks in a cat, who looked like they were in not much better shape than we were. The Whaler returned to lead us and the cat to safety in Rockhold Creek. That Number One day marker had never looked so wonderful.

When he turned to leave, he wouldn’t tell us his name or accept our gratitude. All he would say was that he saw us in trouble and came to help. With a wave of his hand, he was gone.

We want to publicly thank you. Thank you very much. You know who you are, and you are the reason Chesapeake Country is such a wonderful place to live and play. You are a credit to your heritage. Live long. Love well.

— Peggy Traband, Jim Lyles and four other grateful souls of Silver Spring

Seeking Pain Au Levain

Dear Bay Weekly:
I tried some Pain Au Levain at a local Safeway store in “Frisco.” I’m from San Francisco, (25 years with the San Francisco Police Department), now retired and living in Colorado. The small town of Frisco is near my house. They have a saying here: “Don’t call us San Francisco.” OK, no more humor!

Back to the bread, it was very good, but not made locally so they could give me no info. A long, long time ago I was a baker in the Navy, and still I like to dabble. I would really like a recipe, but only big enough for a loaf or two. Is it possible?

— Robert Sleadd, [email protected]

Editor’s note: The wonders of the Worldwide Web brought the retired SFPD inspector Sleadd to our pages, where he read Chris Kulczycki’s story “Breaking Bread” [Vol. X, No. 15, April 25]. Can you help him?

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