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Volume 10 Issue 42
October 17-23, 2002

This Old Boat Cruising to Another Era
story by Nancy Hoffmann • photos by Phil Hoffmann
This dreamboat’s last boat show was 1963. But for John McGuire, it was love at first sight. The earthy smell of her timbers made him think of older times, when everything seemed a little easier — even if it wasn’t.

Bay Weekly Interviews Anne Arundel County Executive Candidates
Janet Owens: The Democratic Incumbent
Phillip Bissett: The Republican Challenger

Our Prescription for Troubling Times

Hunters Come too Close

Thanks to Rockhold Creek’s
Lone Ranger

Seeking Pain Au Levain

The Clean Water Act at 30
Is Our Local Water Glass Half-Clean or Half-Dirty?
by April Falcon Doss

The Sad State of Our Bay

Hickory Shad Sing with the Blues

Apple Time
by April Falcon Doss