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Volume XVII, Issue 47 ~ November 19 - November 25, 2009

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This Week’s Features . . .

Bay Reflections

46 Years Ago This Week

The Day They Buried JFK

I didn’t understand why my brothers didn’t go to school and Daddy didn’t go to work. Instead we were at my grandparents’ house, and there, on the TV, was a horse walking down the street with backwards boots in his stirrups and no rider.

spotlight on theatre

Masqueraders’ Fortinbras

This smart, sexy, sensational satire shows a new side of the Naval Academy

Waste Not, Want Not

What may not be right for the supermarket shelf can still help feed the hungry

Keeping the gleam on the apple means managing tons of waste for supermarkets. Some is discarded, dumped into the trash and hauled to the landfill. In fact, managing waste is not so wasteful. Increasingly, stores are finding new profitable or charitable uses for food they don’t sell.

at work and play

How the Boys Next Door Got Funky

With 20 soul brothers and sisters, Kevin Basiliko and Michael Shereikis are going to get you up off of that thing

Fronting the two horn-heavy big bands are boys next door who couldn’t say no to the call of the wild. For funk/reggae/soul band 8 Ohms, it’s 35-year-old saxophonist Kevin Basiliko, an Annapolitan with roots spreading through Chesapeake Country.

Michael Shereikis is the mastermind behind the Beltway Afrobeat/funk band Chopteeth. That 40-year-old singer and guitarist grew up a few blocks from me and my kids in Springfield, Illinois.

The Bay Gardener

by Dr. Frank Gouin

Don’t Let This Weed Nag Your Lawn to Death

If you’re going to fight ground ivy, you need to start now

At the Farmers’ Market, a customer asked me how he could kill the bitch weed. More appropriately called ground ivy, Glechoma hederacea, it is very difficult to control in both lawns and gardens.

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by Dennis Doyle

Back on the Chesapeake

There’s no place like home

That sinking feeling came over me — until I saw the gulls. There were just a few at first. Then there were 50 or 60 of them dipping up bounty driven to the surface by feeding fish.

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Sky Watch

by J. Alex Knoll

From Humble Beginnings

Who knows what may come from a cloud of dust

There are few bright lights around the moon as it travels through the autumn constellations Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. The exception, low in the south, is the lonely first-magnitude star Fomalhaut.

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The Messenger

This is a great war film that’s deep on emotional substance. It’s likely fall’s first Oscar contender.

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