Volume XVII, Issue 32 # August 6 - August 12, 2009

This Week’s Features …

6 Pickin’ a Feast

It’s Rotary Crab Feast this week, time to brush up on the science of crackin’

Ask almost any Marylander how to pick a crab, and you will get a detailed tutorial. The methods vary, but opinions do not. Everyone believes their way is the best way to pick crab.

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Raising Good Kids is Like Raising Good Beans

The lesson of Spruill Family Farm Day

Learning about life on the farm — from how many worms make your soil good to what grows in the ground and who flies above it — is the mission that has brought dozens of kids to the country on a summer day.

Working Overtime

By day marine biologist Denise Breitburg studies sea nettles; by night they inspire her art

Denise Breitburg sees jellyfish as beautiful creatures with a job to do in the Chesapeake Bay’s ecosystem. The senior scientist studying the gelatinous species is also an accomplished potter. Combining her two passions — jellyfish and clay — has given her a unique niche in the classification of species.

Lives along the Water

Four books on the Bay, rivers, islands and hurricanes

Water shapes our lives in Chesapeake Country. These four books show us how living on and by the water has affected our culture and history.

Dock of the Bay

Teens Learn Trades: Experts teach painting, wooden window repair and positive attitudes … Giving Muscular Dystrophy the Boot: Annapolis firefighters kick up fundraising efforts … Hapless Neighbors: Recent installments from local police reports … This week’s Creature Feature: A hummingbird for Bill Burton.

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Where We Live
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