Volume XVII, Issue 23 # June 4 - June 1, 2009

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How the Butler Did It

Ray Fulton beat death and amnesia to return to the stage in Over My Dead Body

Amnesiac and tongue-tied, Ray Fulton is struggling to rebuild his reality after a brain tumor derailed his life two years ago. In a past life, Fulton was not only a naval architect but also a regular on the Annapolis theater scene. That was before the subtle memory loss, the seizure, the incorrect diagnosis and the operation that saved his life.
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Chesapeake Born, Chesapeake Free and Chesapeake Bound

Dying, Bay bard Tom Wisner keeps working to waken our souls

For Tom Wisner, “to live this reality of dying” means sticking to his creative process. He starts the day singing, works on unfinished songs and hopes to get out two CDs of unrecorded music and archive his lifework for public access.

Foot-tapping fun at Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre’s Smokey Joe’s Café

Dock of the Bay

Disposable Advertising: Sex sells — but what about trash? • Mohawks for Maryland Sate Highways: Let the grass grow • Free Wheelin’: Giving away bike rides in Annapolis • Creature Feature: Crafty ducks at Lee Airport.
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