Volume XVII, Issue 20 # May 14 - May 20, 2009

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Big Daddy Gets the Blues

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy trumpeter Glen ‘The Kid’ Marhevka talks to Bay Weekly on how the band keeps swinging

The seven-man band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy helped lead the swing revival in the ’90s, and after more than 15 years they continue to swing. They join an all-star line-up this weekend at the 2009 Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival. BBVD trumpeter Glen ‘The Kid’ Marhevka spoke with Bay Weekly on the upcoming festival, the band’s new direction and why the Daddies thrived after the swing revival fizzled.

Momma’s Got a Case of the Blues, And That Ain’t Bad

A Bay Weekly interview with Serbian guitar queen Ana Popovic

Great blues sprouts in places other than the Mississippi Delta, Memphis or Chicago. The incubator for Ana Popovic’s soulful, hard-driving blues was old Yugoslavia, where war and unbounded human cruelty erupted in the early 1990s under the man they called the Balkan Bully — Slobodan Milosevic. In an exclusive interview with Bay Weekly from Amsterdam, Popovic talks about her life, motherhood and her music, which you’ll hear at the Chesapeake Bay Blues Fest.

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The Blues Are Back in Town

The Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival returns to Sandy Point this weekend. Find out who’s playing when.

Bay Reflections

After the strawberry storm: Anything could happen, and the sun always shone brighter

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Earth Journal

May’s backyard bounty: No need to go looking;
wrens will come to you.

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