Volume XVII, Issue 16 - April 16 - April 22, 2009

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Sweet 16

Bay Weekly’s History —
Up Until Now

Turning 16 on April 22, Earth Day’s annniversary, Bay Weekly is lean and focused. We’re optimistic that with spring, our fortunes and those of our advertisers will again bloom. You’re now reading our 801st consecutive issue.

Our crew is made up of veterans and novices, all working to keep this ship moving forward through uncertain waters.

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40 Earth Days

It's taking longer than I expected

by Jane Elkin

In celebration of the first Earth Day back in 1970, everyone at Little Harbor Elementary School in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, rallied to clean up the planet, and I wondered why nobody had thought of this before. Earth Day sounded like birthday, so it must be fun.

I knew all about pollution because we had studied it for a whole week in science class. There was litter, water pollution, air pollution, even noise pollution, and I saw it all right where we lived.

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Letter from
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The Sporting Life
by Dennis Doyle

Bay Gardener
by Dr. Frank Gouin

Bill Burton

Sky Watch
by J. Alex Knoll


Days a Week
calendar of events

by Diana Beechener

Music Notes
by Diana Beechener

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Free Will
by Rob Brezsny

News of the
by Chuck


by Ben Tausig

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