Volume 14, Issue 30 ~ August 3 - August 9, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Greening Anne Arundel County

Dear Bay Weekly:

Here are 11 environmental topics candidates should discuss with Anne Arundel voters:

1. Have the House as well as the Senate confirm judges and the Public Service Commission. Confirm only judges who favor “standing” and oppose “takings” and commissioners who will keep BG&E rates down.

2. Transfer the ICC (the Frankenroad in Montgomery) money to the Woodlawn line, the Bel Air line, the Purple line and the Green line extension to Laurel, Fort Meade, Odenton and BWI.

3. Stop forcing liquefied natural gas tanks into poor neighborhoods. In Anne Arundel County, require the first three tanks to be built in downtown Crofton, Severna Park and Annapolis.

4. Move quickly to buy up land adjacent to the land already bought for Stoney Creek Regional Park. Developers have crept north across North Shore Drive. This effort has become urgent. Buy other Northern Anne Arundel county parcels suitable for future parks.

5. Convert the outer 557 to 657 acres of the U.S. Naval Academy Dairy Farm to the West County Regional Park. Convey the inner 200 to 300 acres, as the dairy farm, to the Maryland Environmental Trust.

6. Finish Anne Arundel’s Core Trail: Build the West County Trail north, Odenton to BWI. Continue the West County Trail south to Conway Road and then east via Conway Road to Crofton. Complete the South Shore Trail east to Bestgate Road. Help Annapolis connect it to the B&A.

7. Fund a People’s Counsel to help citizens fight developers, BG&E and other predators.

8. For social justice, provide a public boat ramp on each side of Anne Arundel’s tidal rivers.

9. Repair sediment ponds and restore streams. Stop waivers on slopes, streams and roads.

10. Buy up more farmland development rights. Stop expanding water and sewer for sprawl.

11. Don’t sell developers water from public lands. Don’t encourage sprawl near parks.

— James Hoage, Severna Park

8 Days a Week Works for Artists

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks so much for the mention of the Artist Night in Bay Weekly’s 8 Days a Week. I saw Jackie Dinora’s mention June 15, and then mine June 22. We can never thank you enough for the continued support you give us; it is very appreciated. 

—Colleen Sabo, North Beach

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