Volume 11 Issue 44
October 30 - November 5, 2003

On Our Cover

When Bats Come Out to Play
Fear of bats is primal, some psychologists believe, like the natural revulsion many have to spiders, snakes and mice. But if you hate mosquitoes and love local produce, you might come to see bats in a new way.

When Bats Come Out to Play

by Vivian I. Zumstein
The creature that zips through Halloween legendry bears little resemblance to the bats that live among us in Chesapeake Country from late spring to early fall.

Lois Burton ~ by Sonia Linebaugh

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  • Inside the Governor’s Propaganda Machine
    Ehrlich and Steele’s image is made for television
    by SOM
  • At Colonial Players, The Show Does Go On
    Stand-ins step up after Piano Lesson lead Felipe Harris hospitalized mid-run
    by SOM
  • Filtered by Shellfish
    Can a golden clam help clean up Lake Lariat?
    by M.L. Faunce and Kimberly Goode
  • Singing for Its Future
    At 30, Annapolis Opera wants you to get in on the act
    by James Clemenko
  • Earth Journal: Orb Webs
    by Nadine Word
  • Way Downstream
    • In Florida, has the Navy got a deal for anybody who wants to improve local fishing. They’ll sell you the 888-foot, 53-year-old aircraft carrier USS Oriskany to sink for a reef…
    • In West Virginia, Army Corps of Engineers in hot water over dropping mountain tops into streams…
    • In Europe, yellow smiley faces mean the water’s safe…
    • This week’s Creature Feature: In Texas, Prozac may be turning pond bluegills into bass candy.

A Bay Weekly Advertising Special
Celebrate the fall season, and get ready to nestle in for winter.

From Treats to Tricks:
Halloween in the Old Century

Resurrecting Old News on www.bayweekly.com

by C.D. Dollar
First Waterfowling

Start a Halloween Costume Trunk
written by Martha Blume

Hallowe’en — An Appealing Day
Reprinted from Vol. 1, No. 15
by Sandra O. Martin