Volume 11 Issue 25
June 19-25, 2003

On Our Cover
Wish-A-Fish, Catch-A-Fish, Kiss-A-Fish

photo by Eric Smith
Five-year-old Brighton Ditter — with rockfish and First Mate Kevin Farrell of Sandy Point — gives thumbs up to signal his approval of a day of fishing on board Old Yeller with Captain Dan Adams.

Art Comes Out in the Open
by Karolyn Stuver
Remember the Impressionists? You’ll see the newest generation out and about Chesapeake Country, painting in plein air and — if you hurry — showing the results at McBride Gallery.

Bay Life:
Celebrate the Solstice by Keeping Track of Old Sol
by Sonia Linebaugh
Whether or not your attentions propitiate the sun, you’ll gain new understanding of time.

  • The Admiral’s Last Stand
    Navy’s NBA star towers over competition for second title and final game
    by Louis Llovio
  • Back to the Future
    No happy ending for Chesapeake Bay
    by James Clemenko
  • Marion Warren Turns 83
    Governor — and new book — proclaim him a state treasure
    by SOM
  • Wish-A-Fish, Catch-A-Fish, Kiss-A-Fish
    30 families of special needs children shared the delights of fishing
    by Eric Smith
  • The House that Hospice Builds
    Robbie Miles Memorial 5K covers $8K in race for hospice house
    by Lauren Silver
  • Way Downstream
    • In Virginia Beach, there’s a shipwreck mystery at the Lynnhaven Inlet…
    • In New Zealand, good Samaritan done in by whale he hoped to rescue…
    • This week’s Creature Feature: In Belgium, Parc Paradisio recreates a tropical bird forest in a cold and rainy land.