Volume 11 Issue 10
March 6-12, 2003

On Our Cover
Four Million Birds Flew in to be Counted: This year’s Great Backyard Bird Count enumerated 155,021 robins. Many appeared in Chesapeake Country, scratching away snow to peck a living among last year’s dead leaves. Painting of robins taking a singing break reproduced from wildlife artist and Chesapeake local John W. Taylor’s Chesapeake Spring (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999).

How I Did It Myself on Do-It-Yourself Radio
by Annette Najjar
Low-power community FM radio station WRYR — We Are Your Radio — and I broke into the air waves together.

  • Mission: Great Backyard Bird Count
    Four Million Birds Flew in to be Counted
    by Sonia Linebaugh
  • Advice and Dissent: Buhl Gets Bruised
    Gov’s Choice for Enviro Chief in Jeopardy
    by SOM
  • Pennies for Bay Heaven from You and Me
    For Chesapeake Bay Grants, Our Two Cents Worth Amounted to $1.2 Million Last Year
    by Sonia Linebaugh
  • Way Downstream
    • In Virginia, anti-sprawl bills vetoed as “weapons of mass destruction”…
    • On our waters, out racing regulators to cleaner running boat engines…
    • In Beverly Hills, Erin Brockovich is back, and she’s outraged again…
    • This week’s Creature Feature: In Taipei, the world’s oldest Asian elephant, war-veteran Grandpa Lin, dies at 86.