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 Vol. 10, No. 27

July 4-10, 2002

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Bay Weekly in Real Time

Dear Bay Weekly:
I pick up your publication when I am down at Rose Haven. Your June 20 issue I read cover to cover while sailing and found it to be very interesting.

I live in Virginia, but I would like to plan my weekends around events in Chesapeake Country, so a weekly update would be great. Snail mail doesn’t provide me with the real-time data that I require, so I am interested in an electronic version of your newspaper to provide me with real-time updates on events and time-sensitive information.

— Jeanne O’Kelley: www.blueprinttech.com

Editor’s note: We can’t keep up with real time, but the web will give you Bay Weekly quicker. The paper delivered each Thursday (except Wednesday this week, when Independence Day falls on a Thursday) goes online in the predawn hours each Thursday morning. Find us at www.bayweekly.com, where archives will take you back through 1998.

More on the Morality of Jellyfish

Dear Bay Weekly:
In response to the lady who wrote that sea nettles must be good for something [Letters to the Editor: Vol. X, No. 26, June 27], I was told that they are good for oysters because they eat larval oyster drill, which grow into snails that put the holes in the oyster shells and suck up the oyster.

— Joanie Hines, Fairhaven

Editor’s note:
“Jellyfish are going to eat a lot of things in the water, so they probably do eat oyster drill,” says Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist Harley Speir, who notes that oyster drill flourish in water that’s a little more southern and salty than the mid Bay. But, he notes, that doesn’t make them any better or worse. “We’re always trying to say things are good or bad. They’re not good or bad but just what they are. Humans define things as good or bad as we perceive them to affect our economic or recreational interest.”

More Places to Have Fun

Dear Bay Weekly:
I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your “101 Ways to Have Fun” insert [June 20]. I always try to read the Bay Weekly as I’m having lunch at Three Brothers.

I am sending this e-mail to let you know of a few items that could have been mentioned under the 101 Ways to Have Fun categories that we must not have made common knowledge.

  • Under #32, Anne Arundel County opened its second dog park at Broadneck Park on June 3;

  • Under #34, the county contracts out equestrian services at the Andover Equestrian Center, and we have equestrian trails at Lakeshore Park as well as Kinder Farm Park;

  • Under #45, as well as Quiet Waters Park, we have a dog beach at Downs Park;

  • Under #71, as well as Quiet Waters and Downs Parks, we have outdoor concerts at Earleigh Heights and Hatton Register Green along the B&A Trail.

Finally, not listed are the numerous day camps offered for kids throughout the summer.

Again, nice job on the publication.
— John Marshall, Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks

Department of Corrections

In our 101 Ways to Have Fun special, we were forced to rely on outdated information for Annapolis Rotary’s annual crab feast. Ticket prices will be $45 for adults, $15 for children.

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