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Volume XVII, Issue 44 ~ October 29 - November 4, 2009

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More, Please, from Sea-faring Psychoanalyst Delaney

Dear Bay Weekly:

Over the years in Bay Weekly, Allen Delaney has given me a boatload of belly laughs, from crab feast antics to domestic hi-jinks.

But his voyage to become a captain of a D.C. Duck tops them all [Oct. 15: Confessions of a Duck Captain]. This man is a sea-faring psychoanalyst of the first order. He may be a good captain, docking skills notwithstanding, but as a humorist and observer of human habits both on land and water, he is unexcelled. I can’t wait for his next career move, which I trust will have a sequel in Bay Weekly.

–M.L. Faunce, Churchton

Certain Types

Dear Bay Weekly:

I was delighted by Sandra Martin’s letter on fonts [Letter from the Editor, Oct. 22). I have given them some thought. In my first book, Tightening the Circle over Eel Country, I wanted to look oh-so-contemporary and asked the typesetter for a sans-serif font. Fine, but within a couple of years I realized it looked amateurish and was the wrong font for my poetry. Later publishers used what they wanted to use, but it was not a sans-serif. My latest books are in Garamond or variations whereof, which (especially bold) I like for my own books. Normally I use Times New Roman bold.

So yes, though I’m again mixing fonts on a single page of a flyer, ad or book, I’m glad you are sticking to conventional newspaper type in the body of the paper and the Univers for the back.

–Elisavietta Ritchie, Broomes Island

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