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Volume XVII, Issue 44 ~ October 29 - November 4, 2009

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A Community Honors Its History

Stories of voters, presidents and first ladies told at the
St. Leonard Polling House

The Polling House, a little gray building with two doors, stands a block south of St. Leonard’s traffic circle, on the west side of Route 765. It was built in 1926, used until 1974, restored in 1984 and, in 1993, made a State Historical Landmark.

Colonial Players’ The Violet Hour

Would you look into the future to see the consequences of your choices?

The Violet Hour takes its name from that dusky twilight hour when light blends into a violet darkness, warmth into coolness, certainty into shadows.

Set in New York City in the spring of 1919, Richard Greenberg’s play continues its namesake theme of transitions into a city rapidly expanding and a time of rapidly changing social attitudes (think Prohibition, Roaring Twenties around the corner and the Harlem Renaissance beginning).

Meet Annapolis’s Next Mayor

A Bay Weekly conversation with mayoral contenders Josh Cohen, Dave Cordle and Chris Fox

Perhaps 10,000 people will vote for mayor in our capital city. Yet it’s a race that affects us all. So whether or not you’ll vote November 3, you’ll want to hear what the three men who would be mayor have to say.

Driven Batty

What to do when Dracula’s little cousin comes calling?

Our car swerves to a stop at the curb of a small pet store.

I bounce in to meet a teen clerk to whom I offer a grocery bag wadded loosely into the size and shape of a junior soccer ball. The clerk steps back, regarding the gift suspiciously as I hold it over the counter at arm’s length.

“We caught a bat. Do you want it?”

Her eyes widen and twist with her face as she appraises the bag, then me. She shakes her head, No.

We Made a Big Thing of Halloween

Halloween has always been one of our favorite times of the year. My Lithuanian-born mother made a big thing of this holiday. One year she made us look like Little Women with beautiful homemade dresses with pantaloons and petticoats.

When I married, my husband would go to a masquerade only if he was certain to win first prize. This required weeks of planning, designing and preparation. Purchased outfits were not for us.

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