Volume XVII, Issue 41 # October 8 - October 14, 2009


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Young Fans

Dear Bay Weekly:

We as a family enjoy reading Bay Weekly. Here are family readers Emma Corey, six, and Allison Corey and Isabella Allen, both seven, all of Crofton, out on our sailboat at the West River Sailing Club.

–Margaret Allen, Crofton

Kick for Kids Who Can’t

Dear Bay Weekly:

I just read the Sept. 24 article by Sandra Olivetti Martin, “No Easy Steps: Amputees Move Forward with Faith, Friends and Technology.” I am a right above knee amputee myself. On Oct. 11 from 1:00 to 3:30pm on the National Mall between Seventh and Ninth streets, Kicking for Kids Who Can’t will be holding its annual event. It is a several hour kick-a-thon with speakers, ceremony and all kinds of kicking events from kickboxing to soccer to kickball and others to raise money for the prosthetic needs of children.

Kicking for Kids is partnered with the Limbs for Life Foundation. However, while Limbs for Life raises money and awareness and such for all amputees, all money raised by the October 11 event is allocated specifically for children with limb loss. Prosthetics are insanely expensive. For children, [the cost] really racks up because they are constantly growing out of their prosthetics and needing new ones, so it becomes very financially hard on the families.

In two years, Kicking for Kids has helped over 25 children and counting. The driving force behind this event is that every child deserves to have all of the tools necessary to thrive, play, run, jump and do the things that children do. It was created by Ginna Goodenow, first as a basic class project that ultimately blossomed into the annual event. I am one of the guest speakers at this year’s event and have been actively promoting Kicking For Kids throughout the year.

–Megan Jones, [email protected]

A Paper of Hope

Dear Bay Weekly:

I didn’t want another day to go by without telling you how much I like your paper. I consider it a paper of hope. Being a retired teacher (35 years in Anne Arundel County), I look forward to it each week. Often times I share the stories and articles with others. Thank you for providing it for free.

–Elsie Brown, Annapolis