Volume XVII, Issue 40 # October 1 - October 8, 2009


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Art By, For and Of Its Community

Dear Bay Weekly:

The “roving band of intrepid artists” known as the Muddy Creek Artists Guild shouts out a big thank you to all of our friends, neighbors and passersby for their enthusiastic and unflagging support and continued patronage during this our second show, Harvest of Artists.

Our mission, to embrace and promote the “creative bounty of the Bay” in South County, was once again overwhelmingly embraced by our community. While we as artists continue to be informed and inspired by the beauty in which we live, our visitors were equally inspired by the artistic interpretations captured by many of our Guild members.

The work displayed elicited gasps of recognition, each one an affirmation that where we live is living art, as we often overheard That’s my grandfather’s barn, That’s my uncle’s dock or That is daymarker No. 3 on Parrish Creek.

Stay tune as we rove the southern climes of Anne Arundel County, popping up here and there and everywhere to share with you, our patrons and neighbors, the many skills and talents of the Muddy Creek Artists Guild.

With warmest and deepest thanks,

–Michele McHugh, Janet Goldberg and David Colburn, Artists and Board Members: www.muddycreekartistsguild.org

Doing a Workerly Job at the Dictionary

Dear Bay Weekly:

I understand what you are saying but I can’t find workerly [a word from September 17’s Letter from the Editor] in my dictionary or on the Internet (at least on any page to which I would assign some credibility).

I am admittedly handicapped by a public education attained some 40 years ago, but I have never seen this word used before. What have I missed? Enlightenment please.

–Gary Schmidt, Dunkirk

Editor’s note: We workers in the language (and that’s all of us who speak it) can invent new tools, don’t you think?

Mr. Schmidt’s reply: Invent more tools? Absolutely! Who knows, people might even become more readerly if they have more words from which to choose.

Put the Where in Stories

Dear Bay Weekly:

May I recommend that future articles such as Bay Weekly’s Sept 17 story on the subject of Annmarie Garden include a short paragraph that tells where the place is, i.e., address, phone, directions and perhaps email or website if available. By using various means people could eventually find out. But all too often the reader simply says subconsciously, where is it? Oh well . . . and moves on to another page or thought.

Thank you for your continuing service to our area.

–Phil Ferrara, Arnold

Good Reading for Wounded Warriors

Dear Bay Weekly:

I’m sending your Sept. 24 article on Amputees Helping Amputees [No Easy Steps: Moving forward takes faith, friends and technology] to my eldest son Kirk who (albeit not challenged himself) works on the official/business side of an outfit called FEDCAP that I believe is now also helping to retrain wounded warriors.

–Elisavietta Ritchie, Broomes Island