Volume XVII, Issue 35 # August 27 - September 2, 2009


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Writers Mourn Bill Burton

Dear Bay Weekly:

Big Bill’s passing has put me in a funk all week. I know he had a great life and that he went out with a smile and grace, but the world is a smaller and less interesting place with the loss of yet another old newspaperman and friend.

–Steve Carr, Annapolis

Dear Bay Weekly:

I, along with many others, are saddened by Bill Burton’s passing. I remember the first Bay Weekly Christmas party that I attended. I was sitting at a table with people I didn’t know when lo and behold, Bill Burton sat down next to me. What do you say to a living legend? I believe I said something profound, like, How ya doin?

I will never forget that. It was an unexpected treat.

–Allen Delaney, Prince Frederick

The Most Complete and Accurate Article Ever

Dear Bay Weekly:

I was happily shocked at how long and how well it was written. Wow. Thank you so much! I’ve been in Search and Recovery for a long time, and this article by far is the best-written article I’ve read [on the subject] and better yet, had the privilege of being in. You did a fantastic job capturing it all and presenting it in a fun, but very informative read.

Also, thank you for adding in the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery grant, as I will be sure to send the article to them as well. I sent it already to friends and family; all my SAR friends loved it and passed it on to their teams across the U.S. Then the wife of my original instructor — the grandfather of all cadaver dogs, Andy Rebmann, a retired Connecticut state trooper who started cadaver dogs way back when and whom I was lucky to train under many times over the years — asked to post it on their Yahoo email list so now SAR people all over the States and even internationally are reading it.

I hope it gives readers an insight to how we train dogs for this and why we work cadaver dogs while dispelling some myths as well. Most don’t even realize it is all volunteer, so that part was wonderful to have explained as well. Hopefully they will follow the link to Bay Area Recovery Canines and maybe even donate.

I did totally laugh at how well you captured nutty Raven verses calm seasoned Red. Those who know the nuthead loved that part as it was exactly her personality.

–Heather Roche, Annapolis: Bay Area Recovery Canines

Seeking Crab Trucks

Dear Bay Weekly:

I was reading an article on the Internet regarding roadside crab trucks. We are from New Jersey and love Maryland crabs. However, we cannot make it all the way down to Maryland to get them. My question: Are there any roadside crab trucks near the Maryland/Delaware border? Or even in Delaware that you know of?

–Bernard Aurellado: [email protected]

Editor’s note: Can you help satisfy Bernie Aurellado’s appetite? If you’ve got the specialized knowledge he seeks, let him know.