Volume XVII, Issue 28 # July 9 - July 15, 2009


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Burton’s ‘Dear Readers’ Reply on His Retirement

Dear Bay Weekly:

Goodbye to Bill Burton’s column. Darn, I’m going to miss his perspective on the world — past and present! I will remember his writing about fruitcake, the way things were when he was much, much younger and his family, especially Grumpy the granddaughter.

He is a perfect imperfect person.

Would you possibly compile a bunch of his columns in a book?

–Lorraine Muir, Prince Frederick

Dear Bay Weekly:

Bill Burton is family. He writes so that I feel a part of his, marvel that he shares so much of his. I saw him a few times in my Calvert County community and I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t say anything. “I recognize him!” I needed his gentler approach in my home via print as he wrote week after week, about — everything. And he can write about anything! Controversy? Ha ha! He’s a good soul. Weathered soul. Honest soul. Outspoken soul. Will I miss him? You can’t replace him. My heart skipped many beats when I read the headline for his article July 2. Truth be, I was so happy you didn’t say he’d passed.

Respectfully, not enough said, yet!

–Linda Steel, North Beach

Dear Bay Weekly:

Bill Burton’s writings in Bay Weekly have always fascinated me. His style of writing invites me to read on regardless of the subject matter. Coming from New Hampshire, I always enjoyed his reminiscing on his boyhood days in Vermont or at the farm in Rhode Island. Although he despised weeding the garden, he has always expressed high regards for agriculture. His attempt at growing pumpkins may have proven once and for all that his agricultural knowledge was limited and that he was better at pontificating on hunting and fishing. His knowledge and concerns for the Chesapeake Bay is without doubt profound and sincere and much appreciated by those of us who do our best protecting the Bay.

I will sincerely miss not being able to read Bill Burton’s words of wisdom, but I can assure that Bay Weekly readers have not seen the last of his contribution. Anyone who has diarrhea of the pencil, like Bill Burton, cannot sit very long without putting his thoughts and comments on paper and letting us know. I look forward to reading more about Bill Burton’s thoughts and comments.

–Francis R. Gouin: The Bay Gardener, Upakrik Farm, Deale

Dear Bay Weekly:

I can’t remember the first time I picked up a Bay Weekly, probably at the library in Deale some 10 years ago. Upon first opening the pages I came to Bill Burton’s tale of his family up north and fell in love with him and Bay Weekly. I tried to follow Burton’s weekly addition as he continued on with life up north. His ending phrase Enough said touched a spot in my heart that remains. Where else can you get a free paper that fills the soul, satisfies a humane hunger and causes one to pause and smell the roses?

–Vicki Marsh, Deale Beach

Dear Bay Weekly:

As a reader of your publication from your first edition, I have always looked for Bill Burton’s column as one of my first reads. I relate to so many of the subjects about which he writes, being of the same vintage. For me, there is going to be a bare spot in your publication from now on.

I recall, also, the time you brought Bill to the Capt. Salem Avery Museum to speak at one of our Winter Luncheon Series. He was terrific.

Please thank Bill for the pleasure he has brought me through the years. 

One of his longtime fans,

–Mavis Daly, Shady Side