Volume XVII, Issue 27 # July 2 - July 8, 2009


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Replies to Bay Weekly’s 20 Questions

Dear Bay Weekly:

I start with the lead story of the week. Why? It’s usually darn interesting! I’m most likely to read a one-page story, but if it captures my interest, I’ll turn pages to keep on reading. Favorite columnists are Bill Burton and J. Alex Knoll. I really do look forward to his Sky Watch. I look forward to Thursdays! It’s Friday eve, like New Year’s eve. I would like to see a Swap Services classified. I can cook you two fantastic meals if you mow all my weeds. Thank you for keeping Bay Weekly alive and kicking all these years.

–Linda Steele, North Beach

Dear Bay Weekly:

Meant to send you a note after you got the letters saying “junk News of the Weird, who needs it!”

I’m much more likely to read a long story than a short one. I hate short articles! I want depth, I want to learn something, I want the newspaper to take me to a world I’m not familiar with. I’m a deep thinker. I want to think and explore new places mentally. I can get superficial mass-consciousness garbage in lots of other places, and I hope you don’t waste your/my time with it.

What do I like? Is it the people? The arena? (nature … animals … really funky business ideas, good political educating). I’d always welcome more stories about horses, I’m a horsewoman. And not just the usual “It’s Roedown time again” stories.

I tried Sudoku and loved it! It’s very different from crossword puzzles. You don’t have to learn special crossword puzzle words. Very cool. I don’t have time to do them regularly, but when I want a diversion, I love it. My housemate got a book on Sudoku techniques and she does it regularly.

Thx for a great alternative diversion!

–Leslie Diamond, Annapolis

Dear Bay Weekly:

I start with the Letter from the Editor. I think that it sets the tone and direction for each issue. Of particular interest are environmental issues, historical items. Indeed, I would suggest an occasional historical piece on some event that took place in our reading area. A favorite: The mythical series describing various neighborhood get-togethers with incredible and unintended happenings. [Editor’s note: That’s Allen Delaney’s annual Block Party reflection.]

–Don Stewart, Fairhaven

Dear Bay Weekly:

Southern Anne Arundel and Calvert counties are a mix of land and water, so I expect Bay Weekly to suit this. Also a mix of newcomers and suburbs and longtimers and farms and water. New laws affecting any of us would help, as well as active applications thereof. For example, anyone getting a new super-septic, or battling shoreline erosion or phragmites would be great; also a farm stopping nitrogen runoff.

I get it on Saturday, wow. Often Monday! Except for 8 Days a Week, it’s like a magazine.

–Margaret Gwathmey, Harwood

Dear Bay Weekly:

I almost always get my copy on Friday mornings at The Fabulous Brew cafe in Friendship (terrific people there!). I have developed a tradition of treating myself to breakfast on Friday mornings over my copy of the BW. I usually read from front to back and especially look forward to articles showing me how to be a better environmental steward. I always look forward to Bill Burton and the Bay Gardener as well as News of the Weird, but I usually read almost all of the articles. [June 11’s] piece on Tom Wisner was especially poignant, and Bill Burton really hit the mark about blackberries (with and without a capital B!).

Thanks for all of your efforts, and please keep up the great work.

–Bob Gallagher, by email