Volume XVII, Issue 26 # June 25 - July 1, 2009


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Gadgets Have Drained Our Humanity

Dear Bay Weekly:

Kudos to ol’ Bill Burton!

I’ve always enjoyed his down-to-earth column. His views in his Blackberry column [June 11] reflect my feelings completely. I’ll be 91 next month and have seen a lot.

During World War II, at one point, the enemy had been experimenting with mind control and gave it up. I think we have it now. With constant TV, computer use and cell phones, humans don’t have time to be humans. They don’t communicate. These gadgets have drained our humanity out of humans and keep on trucking!

–Peg Burek, North Beach

Slow Down and Save a Turtle

Dear Bay Weekly:

I’ve already tallied up 10 turtles I’ve helped cross a busy road this year. Three were in one day. Unfortunately, I’ve seen at least four that didn’t have a chance against speeding rubber. Twice, I had cheers from passing cars, honking to support my efforts. I returned the cheers and a big thumbs-up when I witnessed fellow turtle lovers pulled over in front of me five times. It seems my reptile friends venture out mostly during early morning and early evening hours. I’ve seen more this year than ever, maybe due to all the rain we’ve had lately.

Please slow down and watch out for oblong helmets with necks peering out. They didn’t ask to have concrete paved across their land. They’re only attempting to get from Point A to Point B. And they might even blink a thank you in return like the little guy I picked up this morning, not much larger than the palm of my hand. Slowing down and paying more attention doesn’t take much effort. I’m sure glad I did!

–Michelle Steel, Chesapeake Beach

More Slogans to Help Save Chesapeake Bay

Dear Bay Weekly:

I was inspired to write this slogan in response to your April 16 Letter from the Editor “Seeking ways to Sweeten the Earth Day Report.”

We ourselves can save the Bay,Thoughts, words and actions Lead the way.Act now … do something todayTo keep our Chesapeake from wasting away.

Another version:

If this slogan is
A little long,
I’ll change it to
A jingle or song.

Another version:

What did you do or say for our Chesapeake Bay today?


What did you do today to save the Chesapeake Bay?

Yet another version entered my heart:

Do something today to save the Chesapeake Bay.

And another:

Save the Chesapeake Bay, today
Do not delay!

Thank you, Bay Weekly, for inspiring me. I could go on and on and on …

You can Save the Bay
from Wasting Away!
–Annie Owen, Annapolis