Volume XVII, Issue 21 # May 21 - May 27, 2009

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Here, for National Safe Boating Week 2009, Bay Weekly has collected the advice of expert captains — including our own Allen Delaney and Grant Zeigenfuse — to bring pleasure boaters 10 top tips on keeping your boating fun this season.

Seated on the stern of my boat, my Memorial Day entertainment is watching the captains back their boat trailers down the ramp to venture out on their seasonal maiden voyage. Sometimes their cruise lasts all the way to the end of the pier.

For your entertainment and edification, here is the Top-10 list of launching fouls — irritants and mishaps — I’ve witnessed over the years.

Paddling Plum Point Creek

Past the fish cleaning station and into the wilderness, these waters are a bizarre of wonders

Rounding a bend I came across three ducks, hardly unusual. But as I came closer, these ducks didn’t move. Paddling right up to them, I realized they were decoys, so I put them in the boat. Continuing on, I saw another pair and added them to the collection. The water was getting quite shallow, so I headed back out. Making my turn, I found another one and tossed her in with her buddies. The front end of my yak was a big pile of ducks; I don’t think there was room for any more.

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Behind Every Rock Garden,
There’s a Story

Often, it’s a heavy one

Bob Shelton is a master rock gardener. Most fair days find Shelton in his perennial rock garden. He walks through his garden, planning how to divert pathways and where to plant roses. If he isn’t planning or arranging his rocks, he is searching for more.

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For several summers, I skippered for a singles’ sailing club. Because we day sailed with inexperienced new members, there was a club rule that the skipper conduct and complete a mandatory pre-cruise safety checklist with the crew. This is a wise move for any skipper.

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