Volume 14, Issue 50 ~ December 14 - December 20, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Happy Holidays, Bill Burton

Dear Bay Weekly:

Bill Burton’s Nov. 30 column I Remember Chrismas [Vol. xiv, No. 48: Nov. 30] was not only a jumble of varying and distinct strands of thought that did not tie together into a coherent argument, but also was offensive. What exactly does the word Christ have to do with consumer spending? And why does the more inclusive Happy Holidays take away from your personal joy in the season?

Certainly the argument that keeping Christ in Christmas induces warm and fuzzy feelings in consumers and forces open their pocketbooks a little wider cannot be a serious line of defense. If we are talking about the inherent meanings of the holiday, then validating a person’s religious preferences into a subtly veiled marketing technique to have them spend, spend, spend can be considered superficial and duplicitous at best.

It is a poor argument, with no basis in fact, that the rise in consumer spending on Black Friday had anything to do with Walmart wishing people a Merry Christmas as compared to Macy’s Happy Holidays. I doubt that the Christ so often referred to at this time of year would be very interested in the Nasdaq, Walmart or the price tag of a gift.

Why can’t we be content to celebrate our own traditions, values and beliefs with family and friends? Why must retail chains validate and confirm individuals’ most privately held beliefs? I wish others Happy Holidays out of respect for diversity, but I welcome blessings and wishes of any sort in return with a grateful smile.

—Jolene Farmer, Edgewater

Tearman Got it Right

Dear Bay Weekly:

Margaret Tearman did a wonderful job capturing our journey [Tale of a Trail: Vol. xiv, No. 48: Nov. 30]. I started to cry (not bad, lots of sniffles and a few tears) as soon as I began to read it.

  Thank you so much for your support.

—Kathy ‘K’ache’ Reshetiloff, Edgewater

Getting it Right Weekly

Dear Bay Weekly:

Lots of good stuff in Bay Weekly. I was particularly interested by the political coverage. It’s a very impressive publication. Congratulations.

—Elisavietta Ritchie, Broomes Island

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