Volume 11 Issue 34
August 21-27, 2003

On Our Cover
Mars a Marvel in Our Skies

– photo courtesy of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, University of Arizona

Astronomers watch the movements of the heavenly bodies. Astrologers interpret their comings and goings. Both will have plenty to think about this week as Mars, the planet dedicated to war, makes his closest visit to Earth in 50,000+ years.

Where Have All the Bluebirds Gone?
by Vivian I. Zumstein
It’s been a tough year for the brightest bird on the block. But for once, it’s not our fault.

  • Mars a Marvel in Our Skies
    This week, the red planet comes its closest in 50,000+ years
    by Kimberly Goode
  • Think Like a Raccoon
    Vaccine will hit the ground near you
    by John L. Guerra
  • Dog Days of Summer
    As temperatures increase, danger for your pet shouldn’t
    by James Clemenko
  • Earth Jounal: Hawk Moth on Garden Phlox
    Story and Illustration by Gary Pendleton
  • Way Downstream
    • On Virginia’s Eastern Shore, looking to a windfarm with 25-square mile stretch of turbines reaching 400 feet skyward…
    • In Maryland freshwaters, brook trout feel the pinch of 2003’s weird weather…
    • In Mexico City, a few hundred tarantulas need good homes…
    • This week’s Creature Feature: In the Congo, restaurants are serving up blackened money and other bush meat treats.