Volume 11 Issue 33
August 14-20, 2003

On Our Cover
American Indian Heritage Day
photos courtesy of Jefferson Patterson Park

Saturday, August 16, offers the rare opportunity to learn about the culture, cuisine and history of the people we displaced. Visit a woodland wigwam, see stone tool-making, pottery-making and archery. Cherokee storyteller Joseph Stands With Many dances with his stories. All at Jefferson Patterson Park Museum in St. Leonard.

Hale and Farewell
by Norbert M. DuBois
Ballet Theatre of Maryland commemorates Edward Stewart…and continues with new artistic director Dianna Cuatto.

Politics is Killing the Bay
by Sara Ebenreck
Author Howard Ernst isn’t hysterical …but we should be
In Chesapeake Bay Blues, a 32-year-old Naval Academy political science professor breaks the Cult of Courtesy to debunk the Grand Illusion that we’re saving the Bay.

  • State Reptile Feels the Ax
    Maryland’s money-saving recipe makes terrapin soup
    by M.L. Faunce
  • Rebecca T. Ruark Is Some Dame
    This old boat is now a National Historic Landmark
    by M.L. Faunce
  • Do You Believe in Magic?
    Maryland’s little horse that could is alive and racing
    by James Clemenko
  • At Chesapeake Arts, Local Playwrights Shoot for the Stars
    Mike Field aims true with Return of Albion
    by Eric Smith
  • Way Downstream
    • On the Eastern Shore, water was so wretched last week that Kent County’s Betterton Beach was closed after people reported rashes and blistering from toxic algae…
    • In Kentucky, bourbon spill from Jim Beam plant ‘pollutes’ Salt River, pickles its fish…
    • In Wyoming, how land preserved by Nature Conservancy helps Dick Cheney feel safe…
    • This week’s Creature Feature: In Europe, the summer’s heat wave is so bad that bears at the Madrid Zoo are enjoying huge blocks of ice with fruit frozen inside.