Volume 11 Issue 32
August 7-13, 2003

On Our Cover

Fish Are Like Us
Make an evening out of eating them or spend a day reeling them in. But if you do neither, you can still appreciate the fishes of Chesapeake Bay for a lifetime. Even a fish for feed is a friend indeed.

(Toadfish photo by Virginia Institute of Marine Science; Sturgeon photo by American Museum of Natural History; Rockfish with circle hook photo courtesy of Maryland Department of Natural Resources)

Fish Are Like Us
by Lauren Silver
When you get to know one of Chesapeake Bay’s 300 fishes, you may discover there’s more there than makes a meal.

  • Airborne Menace Attacked
    Mosquito-control products lay siege to backyard pests
    by Sonia Linebaugh
  • You’re Never too Young
    Gov. Ehrlich, Sen. Astle win young votes on the Bay
    by Theresa M. Troescher
  • Wet Start, Quick Finish
    30th annual Governor’s Cup Yacht Race shines
    by James Clemenko
  • Way Downstream
    • In Delaware, natural resources department slips up on beach preservation…
    • In Portugal, cork farmers are fighting the trend to plastic corks, claiming their cork oaks also shelter endangered species like the Iberian lynx and the Spanish imperial eagle…
    • In Antarctica, a marine biologist dragged into deep water by a leopard seal is the first such death on the icebound continent…
    • This week’s Creature Feature: In Australia, those lovable koalas have been too lovable.