Volume 11 Issue 29
July 17-23, 2003

On Our Cover
Where’s the Beef?
photo by Jessie McLean Heller
The deep red-brown color of Calvert County farmer Danny Gibson’s cows — and several black coats mixed in — reveal that he has mostly Hereford cows, with a few black Angus. The cows are raised in pasture, but when the calves are seven or eight months old and weigh about 600 pounds, they enter a feed lot to get ready for the slaughterhouse.

Where’s the Beef?
There’s more than corn growing in Chesapeake fields.
By Jessie McLean Heller.
Buying local beef may well be better for your health; it also supports the farmers, whose jobs are also their homes, their memories — and some of our last open space.

  • David Takes on Goliath, Round 3
    Citizens prepare to battle Army Corps of Engineers
    by James Clemenko
  • Update: Local Sailing Legend Falls Ill
    Annapolis sailor, commentator Gary Jobson battles lymphoma
    by James Clemenko
  • Bears Beware
    Next year, firearms may replace stamps as Maryland’s preferred method of bear control
    by Eric Smith
  • Party With a Purpose
    Parrotheads partner for oyster recovery

    by Diane Gunter
  • Way Downstream
    • In Virginia, an energy company from New York wants to build 150 windmills off the Eastern Shore…
    • In Spain, three people were gored last week, and nine others trampled while running with the bulls in Pamplona…
    • In Chile, scientists have stopped scratching their heads, having figured out that the beached 40-foot-long mass of leathery gray flesh that has been puzzling them is — or was — a sperm whale…
    • This week’s Creature Feature: In Baja California and elsewhere along Mexico’s Pacific coast, pollution prevention is being taken right to the horse’s — rear end. Nowadays horses must wear diapers when they take tourists sightseeing.