Volume 11 Issue 28
July 10-16, 2003

On Our Cover
Not Just for Birds
photo by Vivian Zumstein
Gazing out the kitchen window at the birds gathered at family feeders, eight-year-old Emily Zumstein has become an expert on who’s who in the bird kingdom.

Not Just for Birds
Even in summer, feeding the birds is for kids … and grown-ups, too
What I like best about bird feeding is that I don’t need to add to the experience to enjoy it. All I have to do is relax at my kitchen table, angle my chair a little to the left and my private flock of birds puts on its own little show. By Vivian Zumstein.

On Exhibit
MFA Celebrates 40 Years with a Rich Mix of Old and New;
Reviewed by Sonia Linebaugh.

  • Three Strikes and They’re Out
    Mute swan reprieve soon to end — slaughter to resume
    by James Clemenko
  • Summertime Experiments
    Learning how to SAVe the Bay
    by Theresa M. Troescher
  • Hungry? Why Wait? Grab Something Local
    Calvert Country Market, reopening soon, offers more than just veggies
    by Lauren Silver with Russ Barnes
  • Way Downstream
    • In Chesapeake Bay, a research ship last month drilled down 77.5 feet to read Bay Country’s future in its past…
    • On the Eastern Shore, the Republican Bush administration bails out workers displaced by Tyson’s closing its poultry processing plant in Berlin…
    • In Brazil, taking the pollution prize: Toxic foam has piled up like drifted snow around the town of Pirapora do Born Jesus…
    • This week’s Creature Feature: From Chile, a beached 40-foot-long mass of leathery gray flesh has scientists scratching their heads in puzzlement. Maybe you know what it might be?