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Vol. 8, No. 36
Sept. 7-13, 2000
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What did you do this summer?
School May Be Back, But Hang on to Those Memories …

There are summer vacations and then there are summer vacations!

Have you ever thought of taking a few weeks off to explore the United States?

The Breitschwerdt family of Harwood has, and that’s exactly what they did this summer.

A 27-foot RV carried the five of them through over 20 states and was their home away from home for seven weeks. They loved every minute of it.

Jessica, age 15, describes what it’s like to head west, with her mom and dad and two sisters, blazing a trail through deserts, mountains, forests and along ocean shores.

An American Odyssey
by Jessica Breitschwerdt

An odyssey has many traits: great adventure, a twist of the unknown and even disasters along the way. For seven weeks this summer, my family and I experienced just such a journey.

It all started on a very early Thursday morning, as we left Maryland and headed southwest. Our first problem hit us only a day or so after we left. In Oklahoma, a tire blew, taking several parts of the RV with it.

One of the first places we spent some time in was Palo Duro, Texas. It was beautiful, with the wide sky and the red soil. We saw a play in the canyon and it was really wonderful. New Mexico was neat with all the cactus. We ran over mountains of white sand at Whites Sands National Monument. In Arizona, we saw the Grand Canyon.

Reaching the West Coast, we spent a week or so in California. We visited the world famous San Diego Zoo where we got to see my favorite animal, the rare Okapi (shown top center). In Northern California, we saw the Redwood Forest, Yosemite and much more.

Heading north again to Washington State, we went to Cat Tale Zoological Park. My mom and I fed a tiger and a lion 10 chicken necks (bottom).

Montana and Wyoming, with their big sky and waving grasses, were my two favorites. In Wyoming, we went to Yellowstone and saw hundreds of buffalo, some as close as five feet. We also saw a moose. We went to our first rodeo and we all rode horses through the high desert.

The last state we stopped to explore was South Dakota. We visited Mt. Rushmore, where our brakes wore out. We experienced a storm with 70-100mph winds that felt like a tornado!

I must say the United States is big and beautiful, and our trip was worth every minute!

School’s Back!

Time to Hang up the Beach Towel & Load up your Book Bag
You can clear the cobwebs out of your brain with these mindbenders.

1. Three switches outside a windowless room are connected to three light bulbs inside the room. If you can only enter the room once, how can you tell which switch is connected to which bulb?

2. What is the next letter in this sequence?

O, T, T, F, F, S, S, E …

Kids' Calendar

Going Batty Fri. Sept. 8 (7:30pm) - Search the night sky for nature's own flying Backyard Bug Zappers. Bring a flashlight to see bats, the only true flying mammals. Ages 6-12. Kinder Farm Park, Millersville: rsvp 410/222-6115.

Seafood Lovers Sept.8-10 (11am-8pm) -Munch on delicious seafood and join in the crafts and beach fun at the 34th Annual Maryland Seafood Festival. $7 adults; discounts for kids. Sandy Point Park, Annapolis: 410/268-7682.

Off to See the Wizard Sat. Sept 9 (7pm)-Follow the yellow brick road and enjoy everyone's favorite story, The Wizard of Oz. Performed by Fairhaven Youth Theater Group. $2. Christ Church Parish Hall, Owensville: rsvp 301/812-0999.

Helicopters & Parachutes Tues Sept. 12 (10am & 2pm)-Plants don't need feet. They spread themselves around by seeds. Take a fall hike to see what seeds are around us. Bring a pair of big wool socks. $3. Ages 3-5. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Lusby: rsvp 410/535-5327.

It's Fair Time Sept. 13-17 (Day & Night)- Carnival rides, animals, crafts & funnel cakes - all this & more at Anne Arundel County Fair. Adults $4; kids 6-15 $2; 5 & under free. Crownsville: 410-923-3400.

Did You Do Something
Super-Exciting this Summer?
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