Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 9
March 5-11, 1998

'Help' from Friends

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

The Friends of Calvert Cliffs State Park would once again like to use the work of print to voice our appreciation to you for printing in February our Letter to the Editor concerning Calvert Cliffs State Park and its management.

After reading our letter in New Bay Times, a member of the Help Association of North Beach was moved to take it to their members. As a direct result of the article we have received a most generous gift from the organization to help "keep the park a wonderful place for families to spend time."

We at The Friends were overwhelmed to receive such a generous gift in recognition of our work. We are grateful and promise it will be put to good use.

On a personal note, as a resident of the county for almost 30 years and a founding member of The Friends, I would like to say that the generosity shown over the years by organizations like Help shows the caring, sharing character I found so appealing when I first came to the then-unknown county called Calvert.

As I have watched the county grow in leaps and bounds, bringing with it the fast-paced life style we now have, I wasn't sure the reasons that led me to this tranquil, little-known place would be able to be saved.

The coming together of two volunteer organizations like Help and the Friends shows that all of the reasons the county was so appealing 30 years ago are still there today. One group helping another to preserve a part of the county for future generations shows that we still do care about our surroundings and preserving pristine areas like Calvert Cliffs State Park as places families can slow down the maddening pace of life and enjoy just being together.

Papers like New Bay Times reach the fabric of our county. We of The Friends make it a practice to write letters and articles to such papers to make the new Calvert Countians aware of our resources and how much we care about their preservation. And, we hope, to get them involved in our efforts.

Do volunteers make a difference? You bet they do. When building the All-Volunteer Playground at Calvert Cliffs, over 2,200 hours of work was accomplished over a four-day period with the help of such organizations as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Youth Groups, Optimists and Kiwanis, to mention a few.

What better way to relay the message than for two organizations - Help Association of North Beach, and the Friends of Calvert Cliffs State Park of Lusby - located in opposite ends of the county come together to achieve one common goal.

Many thanks to New Bay Times for caring and for Help Association and others for sharing.

-Connie Darago, Huntingtown; Secretary, The Friends of Calvert Cliffs State Park

That Was Baseball

Dear New Bay Times:

Please thank Richard Shereikis for his marvelous tribute to Harry Caray, the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals in the postwar days (Feb. 26-March 4). I didn't know Caray, but he and others like Red Barber ruled the airways in a time when baseball was not only the national sport but also the source of hometown spirit and pride.

Then, radio was king and so were these announcers. In that simpler time with fewer diversions and distractions, all attention was focused on the favorite local team. On a warm summer evening, you could walk down any block in any town, and with windows open wide, hear the blow-by-blow description of the game, never missing a play. Voices like those of Caray and Barber were so real you could smell the hot peanuts. Now that was baseball.

-D.C. Bourne, Churchton

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