Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 8
February 26-March 4, 1998

A Friend in Need

Dear New Bay Times:

When fire destroyed their Owings home in January, the Marcelas family lost everything they possessed. All of us have, for one reason or another, experienced loss. But it is very hard to imagine having to face the reality of losing everything.

What the Marcelas family faces is not only having to start from scratch to obtain material goods but also the mental and spiritual devastation of knowing that the little keep-sakes and mementos of a lifetime are gone forever. How utterly depressing and dispiriting.

We can't bring back their personal treasures. But we can help the Marcelas family get back on their feet. Indeed, emergency help has already been given by the Red Cross and other agencies. The good people at Calvert Country Day School and the Calvert County Sheriff's Department have, and continue, to collect money and clothing.

The Marcelas family has now moved into a rental unit. Your help, especially in the form of money, is still very much needed. The Dunkirk Area Concerned Citizens Association has set up an account for such assistance. Send donations to: Marcelas Family Fund, Tri-County Bank, P.O. Box 373, Dunkirk, Md. 20754. Every penny will go to the Marcelas family. You can reach our association at 301/855-5670 or e-mail [email protected] Or call the bank. Thank you very much for any help you can give.

- Jay Lounsbury, President, Dunkirk Area Concerned Citizens Association

Good People in Little Places

Dear New Bay Times:

My husband and I keep our boat on the Chesapeake and we read New Bay Times to keep up on the Bay when boating is not in season. We are amazed at the people you find to interview in the little communities tucked along the Bay (like Mr. Fitzwater, the White House press spokesman for many years.)

So when I read about Tom Abercrombie, who was the National Geographic reporter/photographer for four decades (Feb. 19-25), I had to write a note. What wild tales of roaming through the Middle East and the Himalayas! Did he really do all that?

We have a couple of ideas regarding people we have met since we've been coming out to the Bay. Do you accept suggestions?

- E. McDonald, Falls Church, Va.


Editor's note: Yes and yes, Tom Abercrombie really did those things. We may need a sequel with more of his adventures - like the time he brought a white tiger home from India.

Objective Reporting

Dear New Bay Times:

The Rural Legacy article (Feb. 12-18) was excellent and last month's story on the county's Small Area Plan and Teams (Jan. 15 & Jan. 22) was outstanding.

Please know that the Severn River Association is most impressed with your objective reporting of important environmental news and your upbeat style that captures reader attention.

- William Moulden, President,

Severn River Association

Alienation of Canine Affection?

Dear New Bay Times Dog Max:

If you decide to leave home, I have a place for you.

- Janie M. White, Churchton

Editor's Note: Excuse us, but Max the yellow Lab has a home already. Job, too. But there may be enough hair around the office to make you a smaller version of Max.

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