Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 6
February 12-18, 1998

Dairy Farm's Future

Dear New Bay Times:

In December, it was suggested that the Naval Academy Dairy Farm in Gambrills be turned into a model "smart farm" rather than having its 86-year-old existence brought to a halt.

I believe Maryland residents and our state's child-serving officials ought to consider one other potential use of that farm: a residential therapeutic school for some of the state's emotionally disturbed children and adolescents.

This farm has 865 acres. The school I've described may only occupy 40. As the state works on serving its kids near home, it could use the rest of the land and its animals in new, creative ways. Children who may have been abused or deprived in some way can be given an opportunity to interact with animals whose affection may be the first unconditional love and respect they have ever received.

The Naval Academy Dairy Farm could continue its historically significant mission of protecting and enhancing health and safety.

-Carolyn W. Sanger, Chair, Child and Adolescent Public Policy Commission

Telephone Tolls

Dear New Bay Times:

To date, the following have demonstrated their continued support for [broadening the toll-free metro calling region] by writing directly to the Public Service Commission: U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer; State Sens. Mike Miller and Leo Green; Charles County Commissioners; the Anne Arundel County Council; the Prince George's County Council; and the Southern Maryland delegation. If you see two missing, it's because they are holding back. "Fear of a rate increase."

Please urge them to support this measure. We need a united front. United we stand, divided we fall. All of us need to be working together. Please contact your local individual representatives and thank them for their continued support.

Your expedited attention and cooperation in support of this matter is appreciated.

- Ivan Petric, Dunkirk, President, Bay Country Estates Homeowners Association

Sauerbrey's Song Off Key

Dear New Bay Times:

In your new issue, (Feb. 5-11) you give (Republican gubernatorial) candidate Ellen Sauerbrey a lot of space and a picture to say that we should sit back and wait before we do anything about pfiesteria. That is the road to trouble, and for Sauerbrey it is not the road to office.

The problem with her is that she has such a knee-jerk, anti-government view that she has trouble understanding when people NEED their government. Like now. We don't have time to sit and wait for more scientific studies. Another couple years of bad press and our charterboat industry and other people who make a living on the Bay will be flat on their backsides.

The candidate who gets my vote will be the candidate who stands up to the chicken companies and tells them to get their crap out of Maryland NOW.

- Ron Camp, Prince Frederick

Department of Corrections

The date of Tri-State Marine's fishing seminar in Deale was incorrectly reported last week. Learn to fish with Richie Gaines and Bill Burton from 9 to 3 on Sat., March 7. One fisherman pays $39 with spouse and children under 16 paying half price. Lunch is included. Contact is Ron Young: 301/261-5220.

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