Letters to the Editor

Volume VI Number 21
May 28 - June 3, 1998

Patuxent Sleuths

Dear New Bay Times Weekly:

We at the Academy of Natural Sciences' Estuarine Research Center greatly appreciated your wonderful feature article, "Patuxent's Disappearing Oysters:" Citizen Sleuths on the Case" (Feb. 26). It was informative, well-researched and complimentary to the 65 volunteers who are taking part in this important study. Their work will allow the academy to formulate a comprehensive picture of the extent of infection and mortality in Patuxent River oysters.

We are grateful to these "citizen sleuths" and to you for showing your readers that individual efforts do make a difference. Thank you for continuing to fulfill your goal of "focusing on the good in society and exploring ways to improve our world."

- Shannon Briscoe Campbell, The Academy of Natural Sciences, St. Leonard

Wildcats Need You

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

UYC provides an important service to the South County community and its youth. We pride ourselves on promoting participation of our youth in athletic programs through positive attitudes and teamwork. Our organization is strong and successful because of the support and cooperation of many volunteers.

Now we need dedicated individuals to volunteer their time and energy. Many positions are open, and without volunteers, UYC might have to eliminate some of the sports offered.

We need a sports commissioner to promote, manage and administer sports programs. Commissioners are also needed for football, soccer, baseball and boys' and girls' basketball. So are four new board members.

We would like to thank Buster Campbell (8-year member); (Joe Dowling (11 yrs); Phil Gibson (9 yrs); Missy Hopkins (9 yrs); Mary Ann Koller (8 yrs); Mark Ilanes (5 yrs); Barbara Lockhart (5 yrs); John Lockhart (5 yrs); and Bruce Smith (7 yrs).

We have many people willing to help you get started. Please contact us.

-Sally Mastroberti (410/867-7673), Missy Hopkins (410/867-0850), Jim Jones (301/855-6887), South Co. UYC

Gene Test Woes?

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

While genetic testing may eventually bring benefits for public health, today many Americans suffer discrimination if they have an adverse result to a genetic test. Perfectly healthy people have lost their jobs and their medical insurance because a test result predicts that they might develop a disease some time in the future. Equally disturbing are reports that parents have had their health insurance canceled if their infant tests positive for a genetic condition.

Worldview Pictures is making a television documentary which explores some of the problems. We will be filming in your area in October, and I am inviting local residents who have suffered genetic discrimination to write to us, in the strictest confidence.

-Dr. Stephen Trombley, Worldview Pictures, 1284 Beacon Street #420, Brookline, MA 02146; 617/232-1537 · sm[email protected]

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