Not Just for Kids

Body Language


Everybody knows the heart goes pitter-patter when you're in love. That's what it means to write-

I you

But there's lots more to say in body language.

Feet are made for walking, and that's just what you'll do if someday your sweetheart has had enough of you.

Here's another way of writing Good-bye.

Your brain is where a light bulb goes on when a new idea takes hold. Here's how to use body language to write I Got It!



Jessica Jordan of Shady Side has her heart set on being chosen Miss Teen Baltimore. On Feb. 15 in Annapolis, judges will compare her to other young women her age. She'll be judged on looks, poise and personality. If she wins, she'll be Shady Side's Sweetheart - and Baltimore's, too.


This is the kind of Valentine your great-grandparents gave their teachers. What Valentine will you give your teacher? Will she save it, like Miss Cora Smith did, for kids to see in 2068?

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VolumeVI Number 6
February 12-18, 1998
New Bay Times

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