Not Just for Kids

Making Memories (Books, That Is)

The school year is winding down and out, and before you know it, your 3rd grade, 11th grade or 55th year will be over and forgotten. Record it while you can with this fun activity - a memory book.





1. Scavanger hunt

Add your own ideas - the more the better!


2. Detective work

Date all events possible. Use a school calendar and any clues (like remembering another event that happened near the same time). Don't forget to find out the first and last day of school. Write the date neatly on each item.


3. Writing workshop

Make a list of all the things you would like to remember about the year: events (like a holiday party or school play), facts (best friend or favorite music), abilities (things you learned, things you wish you could do), dreams (what-you-want-to-do-when-you-grow-up), etc. Make neat lists on paper and fill in the blanks with facts. Take complicated items and write little stories about each of them. Use a computer if you like. Add dates.


5. Time after time

Place everything in chronological order (first to last).


4. Putting it all together

Place important items - things you don't want to wrinkle, like certificates and photos - in plastic sheets first. Place two items back to back in one sheet. Fill left-over sheets with other scavanger hunt items. Whatever doesn't fit, hole punch. (Ask for help if you aren't sure if the holes will line up right.) Add everything to binder.


5. Artsy crafty

Get creative. Add drawings to writings or stickers to cover. If you like, make a cool-things collage (stores, music groups, cars), hole punch the page to add to the book. Add any finishing touches. (Maybe sign your name somewhere.) And then you're done!

School's Going, Going ....

Anne Arundel County Public School students get out Thursday, June 4 - which means by the time you read this, school's likely to be gone.

Tuesday, June 9 is the last day for Calvert County Public School students. High school seniors, though, are already home free.

Congrats and good luck to the Class of '98!

Call to Campers

Sports Jamboree Camp One-week sessions July 6-Aug. 14 (9-4:30)­Sample a variety of sports, from swimming to soccer to newcomb (a variation on volleyball) thru in-depth instruction and daily games. Weekly themes include "Sports Around the World" and"Wild and Wacky Sports" at this Anne Arundel Community College Youth Expo program. $150 (includes care from 8-9am, supplies and T-shirt) per week w/optional after-class care for $40 and discounts for additional kids: 410/541-2325.



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