Rain, Rain Please Stay ~ For Editorial Play

No, no - just kidding. Like you, we've had it up to our umbrella with ceaseless rain landing on us in showers, sprinkles, drops and sometimes weird frozen marbles.

What gives? El Niño? Climate change? Should we be happy we missed ice and snow? We're too soaked to know, but we've been hearing stories from people, some of which we believe


Okay, now it's your turn.


Fill in the blanks and send to New Bay Times by mail (P.O. Box 358, Deale, 20751), fax (410/867-0807) or e-mail ([email protected] compuserve.com) and we'll run the ones we can't resist, along with your name, in coming issues.

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VolumeVI Number 8
March 4-15, 1998
New Bay Times

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