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Volume XVII, Issue 52 ~ December 24 - December 30, 2009

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This Week’s Features . . .

My Two Christmas Wishes

A white Christmas memoir

by Margaret Tearman

I was raised by parents who were children of the Great Depression. From their impoverished childhoods came not needs for lots of stuff but resolve to teach their child the value of what could not be bought in any store. I had everything I needed, and almost everything I wanted — except for two things, and those two things were always on my wish list: A white Christmas and a big, noisy family to share it.

Climbing to New Heights

Mountain climber Michael Silitch has left his hometown of Annapolis for adventure in the Alps

by Katie Dodd

As an American guide fluent in French, living year-round in Chamonix, Silitch has introduced Americans to high Alpine adventure. Silitch guides between 200 and 300 skiers each winter, and about 20 climbers in a summer. He leads only one or two people at a time on climbing trips.

Dock of the Bay

Reading Tree Books for Charity: Who’s behind this blue box front? ...

Santa Shops: St. Nick and Westfield Annapolis Mall make the holidays a little jollier for 25 kids ...

This Week’s Creature Feature: This holiday, consider adoption.

Munir Cheema’s Ramblings

It's been a good read and a good ride.

reviewed by Dick Wilson

Ramblings: An apt name for a book in which rambling on is redefined into high art, sort of like transmuting lead into gold. Dr. Munir Cheema is a very learned man who has taken his life’s experiences and organized them, somewhat haphazardly and with good humor, into a trove of gentle wit that touches on many subjects.


by Dennis Doyle

Hundreds of Geese A-Honking

In the early winter cold, airborne shows and early limits

There were over a hundred of the big, powerful, Canada geese. Cupping their wings, they sailed around and behind our half-pit. The birds had approached near enough that, though they had passed out of our sight, the whistling of their six-foot wingspreads was clearly audible. Our hands reached out to touch the stocks of our shotguns.

The Bay Gardener

by Dr. Frank Gouin

Keep Your Grip in Snow and Ice without Harming Your Plants

Don’t use rock salt around your gardens

Many people spread rock salt, either to ward off ice or to melt it away when already frozen. But salt draws water out of plants, severely stunting or killing them.

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Sky Watch

by J. Alex Knoll

Have a Merry Saturnalia

Like ancient cities, one celebration is often built atop another

A couple thousand years ago, Romans gathered around December 25 to wish one another a Merry Saturnalia, the most popular holiday of the Roman year.

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This must-see escapist fantasy rejoices in magic, mayhem and story.

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