Volume XVII, Issue 37 # September 10 - September 16, 2009

Bill Burton: December 15, 1926 - August 10, 2009

Hear Bill Burton and see images of his life online in a four-minute slide show, “Bill Burton Remembered."

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This Week’s Features . . .

Bay Reflections

From Shoes to Marriage to Graveyards

Measuring 9/11’s changes, by standards small and large

One Child at a Time

Sandi Shanahan is reforming health care through sheer strength of personality

Any given Tuesday, you can find pediatric nurse practitioner Shanahan doing routine exams, diagnosing and treating illness and prescribing medications. She logs over 300 visits annually, half with ongoing patients. The children she sees range in age from infancy to 19. Most are Latino, from five or six different countries. Another 10 percent are African American or Asian.

Nurse Practitioners

A job with a future

No longer handmaidens to doctors, nurse practitioners are one solution to the shortage of primary care physicians.

Sit a Spell and Remember

Benches on the North Beach boardwalk commemorate eight local Naval Intelligence workers lost in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon

On North Beach's boardwalk, along the long pier that juts out into the Bay, the plaques on these memorial benches bear the same date: September 11, 2001.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Proper hand hygiene can save you from the flu

In the battle against bacteria, trust no one. Just because a surface or person looks clean does not mean that they are devoid of bacteria. Seemingly innocent objects such as telephones, keyboards, elevator buttons and doorknobs are rife with bacteria.

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Dock of the Bay

Go Fish: Fort Smallwood Park’s fishing pier takes Bill Burton’s name . . . A Fifth Century for Maryland Tobacco: Our traditional crop hangs on by a leaf . . . Our Hapless Neighbors: Better ways to avoid paying beach admission . . . This week’s Creature Feature: Pets breathe a little easier with new oxygen masks . . .

Earth Journal

Red-Winged Blackbirds

The brightest contributor to autumn’s blackbird flocks

Beginning in the fall, huge mixed flocks of blackbirds form. Red-winged and rusty blackbirds, grackles and others gather into massive clouds of birds. These clouds of countless black specks stretch and bend as they move through the air, sometimes breaking apart and reforming as if controlled by a magnetic force.

Spotlight on Theatre

2nd Star Productions’ The Dinnter Party

Levity is seasoned with solemnity in The Dinner Party. It should be a gourmet spread, and the opening is strong. Yet we guests leave still hungry for more.

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