Volume XVII, Issue 24 # June 18 - June 24, 2009

Our Fathers

In Three Words

conceived, compiled and edited by Margaret Tearman

In this era of Twitter, people are trying to encapsulate their thoughts and ideas more succinctly. Bay Weekly, a hip, happenin’ newspaper, has joined the trend with our annual Father’s Day tribute.

We’ve asked friends and neighbors to tell us, quite simply, about their father — in just three words.It’s an easy assignment, and one we know will inspire you.

Send us your father in three words and picture, and we’ll add them to our story online: [email protected].

Alex Rimmer, 1, of Huntingtown

Jason Rimmer: WSSC Facility Technician

Da-da. Giggle. Da-da.

Rocky and Amos Doty, 2 and 4, of Port Republic

Douglas Z. Doty III, 62: Facility Dynamics

Wooftastic. Tailwagging. Barkriffic.

Jahci Knick, shown, 6, and Mazzi Bunn, 12, of Chesapeake Beach

Jason Knick: Steamfitter, Local 602

Loving. Kind. Funny.

Emma Levett, almost 7, of Annapolis

Mark Levett: FBI agent

Hard-working. Nice. Sports fan.

Elsa Leigh Knoll, 7, of Annapolis

John Alexander Knoll, Sr.: Bay Weekly General Manager

Nice. Goofy. Fun.

Gabriel Benny, 8, of Chesapeake Beach

E. Lee Benny, Sr.: Engineer at U.S. Department of State

Fun. Uncomplicated. Big kid.

John Alexander ‘Jack’ Knoll, Jr., 8, of Annapolis

John Alexander Knoll, Sr.: Bay Weekly General Manager

Handsome. Kind. Pet-lover.

Katie and Karli Hawxhurst, 10 and 14, of Prince Frederick

Joe Hawxhurst: Division Chief, Calvert County Inspections & Permits

Entertaining. Responsible. Hard-working.

Daniel Austin, 11, of Dunkirk

Mark Austin: Carpenter foreman

Funny. Fun. Cool.

Laurence Claggett, 12 of Annapolis

John Damm: Graphic designer

Hard-working. Caring. Generous.

Audrey Poe, 12, of Dunkirk

William Poe: Documentary film maker

Original. Funny. Loving.

Daniel Steel, 13, of Breezy Point

Jeff Steel: Business manager

Loyal. Hard-working. Playful

Diego Ybarra, 13, of Chesapeake Beach

Abby Ybarra: Actor, musician and environmental educator

Wise. Caring. Responsible.


Rachel Beall, 15, of West River

Jim Beall: CFO for the National Business Center, Department of the Interior

Intelligent. Funny. Comforting.

Marina Mia Ybarra, 17, of Chesapeake Beach

Abby Ybarra: Actor, musician, entertainer and environmental educator

Talented. Quirky. Wise.

Sara Newman, 19, of Dunkirk

Monte Newman: Retired President and owner of Opportunity Concrete

Quiet. Hard-working. Giving.

Sarah Brewer, 21, of College Park

Mike Brewer: Senior project manager, WE Bowers

Adventurous. Supportive. Easy-going.

Ruth Doherty, 21, of Annapolis

Jonathan Doherty: Chesapeake NEMO Manager for the National Park Service

Silly. Squirt-gun-toting. Chocolatier.

Amanda Russell, 21, of Dunkirk

Tom Russell: GSA U.S. Government

Extraordinary. Devoted. Loving.


Ariel Martinez Brumbaugh, 22, of Annapolis

Jack Brumbaugh: Artist

Creative. Pensive. Witty.

Diana Beechener, 25, of Pasadena

George W. Beechener Jr.: Stockbroker

Bawdy. Soft-hearted. Unpredictable.

Chad DeVilbiss, 29, of Annapolis

Russ DeVilbiss: Musician

Brave. Musical. Idea-man.

Rachel Sitomer, 29, of Arnold

Roger Crane: Engineer

Dedicated. Supportive. Welcoming.

Mark Burns, 32, of St. Leonard

Mike Burns: State Highway Inspector, Realtor, Park Booster

Devotion. Literalism. Stetsons.

Kristin Davis, 35, of Owings

Anthony Williams: Owner, Built Rite Homes

Warmhearted. Courageous. Faithful.

Heather Boughey, 37, of Pasadena

Bill Burton: The Old Man of the Bay

Eclectic. Adventurous. Gruff Teddy Bear.

Granddaughter Mackenzie Noel ‘Grumpy’ Boughey, 7

Missing some toes. Loveable. Fun.

Gerald L. Watts, 39, of Loch Haven

Charles J. Watts: A & Eagle Route-Man

Hard-working. Imperfect. Loving.

Michelle Steel, 42, of Chesapeake Beach

Richard Bednarik: Carpenter, Fisherman

Rugged. Generous. Protector.

Sherri Tearman, 42, of Crofton

Tom Tearman: Smithsonian Exhibit A/V Director

Contemplative. MacGyver-ish. Caring.

John Alexander Knoll, Sr., 43, of Annapolis

John F. Knoll: Educator, Consultant

Intelligent. Stoic. Thoughtful.

William Lambrecht: Step-father; Bay Weekly co-founder; Washington Bureau Chief, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Calm under pressure.

William Poe, 44, of Dunkirk

Richard Poe: Pool hustler

Rambler. Rabble-rouser. Raconteur.

Lisa Edler Knoll, 40-something, of Annapolis

Howard Edler: Entrepreneur

Parsimonious. Wise. Cantankerous.

Jackie Cutlip-Niles, 46 of Dunkirk

Jack Niles: Treasury Department

Charming. Gentle. Missed.

Sally Claggett, 47, of Annapolis

Laurence Claggett: Dentist, Historian

Engaging. Clever. Original.

Amy Kliegman, 49, of Dunkirk

Albert Kliegman: General Sales Manger, Car Dealership

Strong. Funny. Loving.

Monica Lee Silbas, 49, of Chesapeake Beach,

Steve Silbas: Irvine School District Janitor

Smart. Patient. Forgiving.

Margaret Tearman, 51, of Huntingtown

Alex Koehler: Los Angeles County Sheriff

Sage. Big-hearted. Loud.


Mary V. Miller, 54, of Edgewater

Thomas J. Aylward Jr., PhD.: Professor, University of Maryland

Family-oriented. Disciplined. Fun-loving.

Mark Austin, 56, of Dunkirk

Bill Austin: Minister

Strong. Christian. Idealistic.

Bill Lambrecht, 58, of Fairhaven Cliffs

Louis Lambrecht: Factory Supervisor

Hardworking. Likeable. Grumpy.

Albert ‘Abby’ Ybarra, 58, of Chesapeake Beach

Miguel ‘Mike’ Ybarra: Tuna Fisherman, Carpenter, Union Organizer and Bodyguard for Cesar Chavez

Loyal. Compassionate. Life-Giving.

Kirsti Unnila, 58, of North Beach

Uuno Uunila: Commercial salmon Fisherman

Fisherman. Musician. Passionate

Susan Ellsworth Shaw, 61, of Huntingtown

Edward Ellsworth: Service Station Manager, Postal Supervisor

Hard-working. Historian. Survivor.

Tom Tearman, 62, of Huntingtown

William F. Tearman: Funeral Director, Bank Officer

Pondering. Sensitive. Confident.

Audrey Gaquin, 63, of Annapolis

Thomas E. Gaquin: Linguist

Wise. Kind. Fun.

M.L. Faunce, 65, of Churchton

J.P. Faunce: Washington, D.C., Streetcar/Bus Driver

Affable. Easy. Street(car)-wise.

Sandra Olivetti Martin, 65, of Fairhaven Cliffs

Gene Martin: Bookmaker, Restaurateur, Boat Salesman

Cool. Clever. Conscience-free.

Dennis Doyle, 66, of Annapolis

John J. Doyle: Plant Manager, Quinn Berry Plastics Corp.

Honorable. Courageous. Resolute.

Shirley Poe, 68, of Dunkirk

James Sale: Auto Mechanic

Funny. Loving. Amazing.