Volume XVII, Issue 22 # May 28 - June 3, 2009


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Keep Those Slogans Coming

Dear Bay Weekly:

How about this one:

If you love the Bay,

live the ‘Bay-wise’ way!

Individuals, acting together, can restore our Bay.

–Ronald McClain, by email

Editor’s note: The idea is that maybe we’d be doing better for our rivers and Bay if we had more precise, positive directions. For starters, we need a slogan. I’m waiting for your idea: [email protected].

You Found Us in 8 Days a Week

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thank you so much for advertising Quaker Quest, a series on spiritual journeys, for all of its six sessions. Many attenders noted that they had seen the announcement in Bay Weekly. We are ever so grateful for your partnership in making this event successful.

With appreciation,

–Barbara Thomas, Clerk: Annapolis Friends Meeting

Right-on on Wrens

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks to Gary Pendleton for hitting the note on wrens [Earth Journal May 14]. He’s right: If more people understand what a big part of the Maryland backyard wrens are, they would be captivated. Their morning song is wonderful. The way the male picks out a high point of his territory to project himself in the morning, as if to tell the female that she has nothing to fear on his watch. That tail that sticks up at an odd angle: Nothing but attitude. I remember those songs from my childhood but didn’t know which bird it was. Later I took the time to figure it out. That big voice and attitude came from such a small, beautiful, very industrious bird. Wrens remind me of Maryland in the spring. Good call, Gary.

–Dave Einstein, Cape St. Claire

Burton Still Fishing in Maryland

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am trying to find the Fishing in Maryland yearly magazine for 2008 and this year. Bill Burton was the executive editor. I have tried the website, but it comes up blank. Are they still publishing it? It was always a joy, reading Bill’s articles. Please pass along a get well soon to my family’s Bay icon.

–Ray Ebey, Jarrettsville

Editor’s note: Bill Burton thanks Mr. Ebey for his devotion and good wishes. He regrets that poor health has suspended publication of Fishing in Maryland since 2007. Burton is, however, still fishing and still writing for Bay Weekly and for The Capital.