Volume XVII, Issue 19 # MAY 7 - May 13, 2009


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Free Manure Compost

Dear Bay Weekly:

My husband and I have a 30-acre horse farm, which means we have lots of manure. I’d like to offer to all of your readers FREE composted (multi-year) horse manure. We will load it for them if they bring a truck or trailer. They may shovel their own if they prefer. Hopefully, this will help everyone to have a great garden.

–Mary Russell: Lucky Cricket Farm, Huntingtown

Bill Burton’s Book

Dear Bay Weekly:

Bill Burton mentioned in his column of April 23 [My All-Star Chesapeake Angling Team] that he had written a book. What is the title and where can it be purchased?

By the way, he used to call my father, who is named as one of his All Stars, every week for a fishing update. He talked about him in this paper and all the time in yearly years.

–Helen Manifold, by email

Editor’s reply: In about 1970, Burton wrote Sportsman’s Encyclopedia, published by Grosset and Dunlap. Nowadays it can only be ordered used through a finder like Amazon.com.

“That book cost me $50,000,” Burton says. He signed a contract for advance payment rather than a share of the royalties. His $5,000 looked pretty small when the book was chosen as a selection by the Outdoor Life Book of the Month Club and Sears, Roebuck and Co. ordered 50,000 copies.

Happy Walking for the Animals

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thank you so much for publishing our picture to illustrate SPCA of Anne Arundel County’s Walk for the Animals [8 Days a Week: April 23]. I put the edition on the lunch table at Baltimore Washington Medical Center, where I work, and received many positive comments. One of our employees walked this year as well. I feel satisfied when I help animals. They need our support, and they are always appreciative.

–Lois Simpson, Pasadena

Thrilled to Be Part of Bay Weekly

Dear Bay Weekly:

Margaret Tearman’s article [Looking for Your Inner Artist: April 23] is wonderful. Thank you. She has a way with words and made the goings on here sound fabulous: The garden “sprouts from imagination with blossoms of broken glass and cracked pottery.” So pleased to be a part of giving Bay Wise its due, too. They have inspired us.

Bay Weekly also inspires us, to keep on plugging despite the times. A breath of fresh air, and we’re grateful for your support.

–Nancy Collery: Main Street Gallery, Prince Frederick