Volume XVII, Issue 15 - April 9 - April 15, 2009

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I Bought Wind Power on April 5

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thank you for publishing Susie Foushee’s letter [April 2] regarding Clean Currents and their ability to sell wind power at competitive prices. For many years now, a few times a year, I go on-line to research what options I have as a BGE customer. Life is hectic, and I appreciate Ms. Foushee’s heads up while I wasn’t watching.

I’m a small potatoes customer in BGE’s eyes. Even though my home is a two-story, four-bedroom house, my total kWh usage for the last 12 months is 4,676 kWh.

I heat with oil. So far this winter I have purchased 376.4 gallons. My 81-year-old dad remembers to wear a sweater when he comes to visit me because I keep my home between 64 to 67 degrees. I have central AC, but other than making sure it still runs okay I haven’t used it the last two years. My older house has windows on all four sides and I use five fans to circulate the air. When Dad visits in summer, he finds my home most comfortable.

Has it been 20 years since the Valdez Exxon incident? Time flies. The day it happened, I vowed to not buy any gas from them ever again. And I haven’t! Not one drop.

I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid, after MPT auctioned my Mom’s ’89 Ford Crown Vic — given me by my dad and nursed too long — for $500 last year.

When I filled out Clean Currents’ application and they asked where I heard about them, I said, Bay Weekly. Yes, this Sunday morning I filled out an application to purchase my energy with them. And I will share the info with everyone I know.

Ms. Foushee asked us to spread the news. I hope that my email to you will inspire you to do a news story about them. And follow up with more news issues regarding the greening of Maryland and where are we taking it.

I’ve written my friends far and wide, my sister down under. Look at me: I’m finally able to buy wind power on a public servant’s paycheck! So cool.

–Linda Steele, North Beach

Editor’s note: Look to this week’s Letter from the Editor, and you’ll see where you letter has taken us.

Department of Clarification

You’ll be better able to use the services of Antiques Brocante, Good Deale Gardner and SeaScapes described in April 2nd’s Home & Garden Guide, if you use these phone numbers and web addresses:

Antiques Brocante: 202-507-0812

Good Deale Gardner: [email protected]

SeaScapes: seascapeshome.com