Volume 15, Issue 2 ~ January 11 - January 17, 2007



A Home of Our Own

How we beat the odds and bought out of renting. by Aubree Stafford.

Keeping the Legacy Alive

Through Martin Luther King Jr.’s words, through events, through pilgrimages, through education, this memorial can live. by Ben Miller

Way Downstream ~ In the 2007 General Assembly — smoking may be on the way out in Maryland bars and restaurants … and slots are likely to pop up again … O’Malley needs to roll up his sleeves and get down to work, Senate president admonishes … Calvert and Anne Arundel stack up political clout … And last but not least, this week’s Creature Feature, In Berlin, the people who brought us Christmas trees now bring them to the zoo.


LettersEditorialBay Reflections

Dr. Gouin’s Bay Gardener ~ Warm winter weather’s chilly harvest: Plants need cold now if they’re to grow come spring.

Bill Burton ~ Spring in January: I fear we’ll pay for these shirt-sleeved days.

The Sporting Life ~ Cleaning up can be a dirty business: How to manage when your mess catches up with you. by Dennis Doyle

Where We Live ~ Here comes the sun: Every day, we’re gaining on summer. by Steve Carr

Earth Talk ~ Greener than grass: Landscape your lawn with turf alternatives.

Tidelog®Sky Watch ~

8 Days a Week ~ Bay Weekly’s gguide to good times. by Carrie Madren with Aubree Stafford

Flickerings ~ Jonathan Parker on Children of Men: For those who think we live in a hopeless world devoid of good Hollywood action films, this film will save the day.

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